Preparing for 'the' launch collection

Preparing for 'the' launch collection

Taking the time to come up with a unique angle to showcase our launch collection, our very first collection ever.... was a process we really embraced. There were several decisions and factors we had to consider when taking on this lengthy process.

Firstly we had to consider that it was fall in LA our home town, so we decided not to go with your typical LA sunshine vibe. Though we are well known for our sunshine and amazing weather, we had to do our best to narrow down just 10 wallpaper designs from our library of well of 80+ designs.  

Selecting just 10 designs to represent the Wallshoppe brand, who we are as a company, our values and hopes for the future was one almighty task. 

In the end after many months of deliberation, contemplation, open team discussions with our design team and brand ambassadors, it came down to this. Quality.

Our number one focus for all of our products from the design process, manufacturing exclusively in our LA offices, to selecting the best quality paper stock, to artisan long lasting inks was firmly guided by quality.

Quality has been at the epicenter of our design and manufacturing process from the beginning. Wallpaper is at the best of times simply a roll of creative printed paper. But we wanted to show how Wallshoppe's wallpaper was so much more than this. Our wallpaper represents a muse for any creative modern mind to infuse high quality design style into their living room, bedroom, bathroom, kids bedroom, office, stairwell, desk or any creative space of their choosing. 

We hope you enjoy our 2016 official launch collection and we look forward to sharing our expanding collection over the coming months. 

1.      Pacifico Palm

Bringing the outside in, the Pacifico Palm print is sure to transform any room with tropical flair. Hand drawn by our in-house designer, this banana leaf print was originally inspired by the Martinique wallpaper from the Beverly Hills Hotel. Our modern take on this classic wallpaper combines old style Hollywood with vibrant color variations.

2.      Veronica

Bursting with floral color, this precious ever so sweet peonie flower wallpaper is a classic English print, but with a modern happy twist, designed to brighten up any room.

Wallshoppe Veronica Peonie Print

3.      Check, Baby, Check

A classic check, but this check has been taken up a notch. Modernised by scale, making this blown out plaid an impactful print for any study, den or living area.

4.      Otus the Owl

Created originally by a simple etching, Otus the Owl is a sweet nature themed print. Otis is seen resting regally on his perch watching all that passes by. This print was designed to create a mood of nostalgia dreamed up by whimsical adventures of days gone by.

5.    Eleanor Rigby

This stunning floral bohemian print creates the perfect atmosphere of style and calm  grace. The toile like print is reminiscent of ancient lost kingdoms, where artisans lingered and time stood still.  

6.     Serpentine

This classic timeless snakeskin print is a modern extension of sleek chic. Designed to really add some class and sophistication to your home or office. Cheeky yet understated, the Serpentine seductive color ways bring a sense of luxury and eccentricity to your creative space.

7.      Medina Dot

This freehand playful exotic dot print creates a colorful vibrancy to any room needing that extra pop. Uncomplicated and uber simple in style, the Medina Dot print brings a sense of high design quality to your living space.

8.   Cross the Line

Big, bold and vibrant, this classic stripe can be run vertically or horizontally. Infused with textured hues running through the print, this large scale stripe was designed to make a statement.

9.    Bloc

Discover a new pattern every time you look at this intricate print. The Bloc print carries soft gentle grays, blues and greens that slowly collide into one another. Emulating a tradition of wooden block printing thousands of years old. This print was designed to calm and inspire you.

10.   Y Not

Retro by style, but not by nature, the Y Not print is a fun modern take on a era of hippies, minimalism and geometric obsession. Colors such as retro red and bubblegum bridge the old and new in a unique way. The Y Not print is not for the faint hearted, but designed for the daring who wish to make a modern statement in their home, living room or store.