Blue Wallpaper

Blue wallpaper designs call to mind the relaxing qualities of nature, like where the sky meets the sea. Blue wallpaper can also add a bit of whimsy to a space. You can find a range of blue wallpaper designs to act as an accent wall or to add beauty to an entire room. Our modern designs give you the ability to add art to your home.

From French blue to navy blue, lapis and indigo, our blue wallpaper designs come in a number of shades.  You can also choose between traditional paste blue wallpaper, or adhesive, removable blue wallpaper.

18 products

18 products

Modern and Chic

Aesthetic blue wallpaper can refresh your room with a more natural look. Whether abstract or geometric, blue wallpaper designs with a contemporary feel make a statement. From stripes to circles to citrus and animal designs, modern aesthetic blue wallpaper delights the eye and adds some fun.

You may love elephants, octopi, palm fronds or the color lapis, and you can find them all among our modern blue wallpaper choices. Blue wallpaper can add cheer and fun as well as a relaxed ambiance to a room.


Traditional Blue Wallpaper Designs

Traditional blue wallpaper designs fit with your more reserved décor. Use one of the designs for a formal dining room or a guest bedroom. You'll find red or yellow poppies, eclectic pond fronds, blue flowers and much more on our traditional designs.


Peel and Stick Blue Wallpaper

Easy to apply and remove, our peel and stick blue wallpaper choices make redesign simple. Want to change the purpose of a room? You can change the ambiance with our best blue wallpaper in an easily removable design.


The Right Design

Choosing the best blue wallpaper for your room is fun and easy with our selection. We have abstract wallpaper prints with random brush strokes as well as more natural choices like flowers. With our selection of blue wallpaper designs, you can find the best one for your needs, budget and décor. Browse our unique designs and decorate with blue.