Dotted Wallpaper


      Dotted wallpaper can be subtle or bold depending on the size, color, and shape of the spots. Polka dots are what come to mind most often when thinking of dots. Happy, playful, and evenly spaced, they are found on clothing, furniture, and colorful dotted wallpaper.

      There are many different forms of dotted wallpaper, though. There are tiny dots for creating a bit of textured color or large overlapping circles for highlighting a wall. Each has its own mood to fit into spotted wallpaper designs.

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      Rustic and Traditional


      Warm Medina Dots or spotted Pebbles bring a touch of nature to a rustic decor. Quiet, and almost insignificant, they flow with wood and metal. Traditional dotted wallpaper comes in styles like Parson's Paint and in colors like Robin's Egg and Pink Blue that are not too overwhelming. Wine-colored backing with tiny gold tangier medallions or a sponged appearance in deep blue are also favorites.

      Bedrooms and Game Rooms


      Full of life and color, children prefer bright circles like those found on dotted wallpaper to plain white walls. Polka dots work well with children, and any shade of color can be found. Two tones of pink or white on lavender are great for a nursery while bold and bright swirls grow as kids age. Grown-up kids also enjoy the wow factor produced with Retro Mod and huge floating circles.

      Scratch-Resistant Material


      In addition to being nontoxic, the smooth matte finish is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Peel and stick dotted wallpaper makes it simple to change your dotted look according to your changing lifestyle. Digital printing keeps colors vivid and non-fading.

      A Design for Everyone


      No matter what type of mood you wish to create, the variations from soothing to bold are available in our large selection of spotted wallpaper. Inspired by today's West Coast fashion creations, you can be assured that there is a popular wall covering to highlight your home. Set off a new backdrop of today's popular wallpaper designs for your home with polka dots, hoop-like circles, serene dreamlike prints, or natural pebbles.