Floral Wallpaper

Floral patterned wallpaper is great in a number of rooms from bedrooms to bathrooms to dining and kitchen spaces. The beauty of flowers never goes out of style. Along the way, though, you can easily change your pattern when you choose a new color scheme. From cute floral wallpaper to designs that are somewhat more formal, we have choices that will complement your décor.

29 products

29 products

A Touch of Beauty 

You can find floral patterned wallpaper in a host of colors. From poppies to gardens replete with monkeys, the beauty of floral wallpaper brings the outside indoors. Cheery and bright, a hint of nature adds relaxation as well. Arance Dolci is an orange design that makes a room sweeter.

You might like Lemons or Citrus for a kitchen area or dining nook. These designs will also be lovely in a garden room or on a sunroom wall.

Seeking cute floral wallpaper? Choose Pop Daisy, Daisy Bloom or Sea Garden, an ideal Matisse-like design for a bathroom or teen's room. Graphic Flower gives a modern touch while Parfumee Garden adds cheer and simplicity.

Traditional Floral Patterns Soothe 

If you love the look of floral designs of the past, our traditional floral wallpaper is beautiful in a dining room, bedroom or living room, decorated with traditional furnishings. 

You might choose Ciao Cilantro or Poppy for an understated background. Sweet Caroline is a subtle pattern that brings nature inside. Teensy Floral and Block Print are very light while Eleanor Rigby in Indigo is traditional with flair and style.

Change Up Your Design 

Peel and stick floral wallpaper makes it easy to change floral patterned wallpaper when you desire a dĂ©cor change. Remove the present design and put the new one up to add a refresh to your room. 

Flowers never go out of style. If you want a more modern look, simply choose a new design, such as Pacifico Palm or Best Fronds. Lotus Papyrus has the feeling of plants yet feels more contemporary.

We have the right floral print to fit any room or style.