Graphic Wallpaper


Graphic wallpaper is a great way to take your favorite prints and add them to your walls. Whether you're interested in prints that fit a design theme or you're choosing designs that highlight a color or an architectural style, we have plenty of graphic wallpaper for walls to discover.

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Traditional Graphic Wallpaper


Our collection is full of unique and dynamic pieces. We have eco-friendly graphic art wallpapers to suit every space imaginable. These aren’t the delicate floral prints you might associate with stuffy older homes, although we have those, too, so no shame if grandma chic is your thing!

Browse our collection to find the graphic print wallpaper that speaks to your desired aesthetic. We have everything from minimalist text-based prints to maximalist designs that will add an air of modern luxury to your space. Choose from florals to classic art styles to abstract prints. 

Scroll through our extensive collection of traditional graphic wallpaper to get a feel for just how versatile and exciting these wallpapers can be.

No Matter Your Vibe, We’ve Got Something for You


If you’re looking to go bold and completely commit to the graphic art wallpaper look, check out prints like El Quijote, Faux Boix, Sidewalk, Marguerite Mural, and Electric Palm. These graphic wallpapers are statements unto themselves!

Meanwhile, Olympians, Menagerie, Alexandrine Parakeet, Goldfish, Mutts, Slopes, and Grapefruit are tastefully simplistic designs that would be perfect for a playroom.

Finally, with their muted colors and calming patterns, more subdued graphic wallpapers like Caning, Eleanor Rigby, Gulls, and Corner Deli speak of elegance and sophistication.

Peel and Stick Graphic Wallpapers


Ideal for accent walls, you can also use our graphic wallpapers to liven up an entire room for an indulgent, maximalist feel. Our peel and stick graphic wallpapers can easily act as the focal point in a room. This means that not only do you not have to worry about sourcing prints and frames, but you can use neutral furniture and décor that will effortlessly align with the graphic art wallpaper.