Nathan Turner Wallpaper

The acclaimed designer brings his love of adventure and nature to this authentic, eclectic collection

We are thrilled to collaborate with Nathan Turner, a well-known interior designer based in LA. His one-of-a-kind designs were created for Wallshoppe’s latest exclusive collection of California wallpaper. Nathan Turner is a native Californian who was inspired by weekends at the family ranch in Northern California and time spent living abroad in France and Italy. This sense of adventure is evident in his timeless and bold wallpaper collection. His designs encompass a wide array of styles from coastal to glamorous to classic country. Find the wallpaper that makes the perfect statement in your space no matter your aesthetic.

5 products

5 products

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The tropical wallpaper designs feature a range of plants and florals in many color options. Choose from geraniums, fiddle-leaf figs, cannabis, carnations, and more. Vibrant pink palm leaves on an electric blue background will make your living room pop. Delicate orange poppies floating in a sea of white will complete your nearly finished foyer.

If you’re ready to take a chance on a funky design to upgrade your walls from beige to conversation-starter, know that dogs, jewels, goldfish, and kisses are a few of our more playful options. Merge classic and colorful with bold chevrons, understated lace, and splattered patterns in colors like watermelon, creamsicle, and citrine.


Fun and Fresh

Enjoy a different take on nautical wallpaper with a Malibu-inspired print, complete with a boogie board, pier, sunglasses, and anchors. The hand-drawn NYC wallpaper is an ode to the city that never sleeps, with the Statue of Liberty, taxis, and pizza.

Inspired by food? So is Nathan Turner, a passionate cook who merges food and design seamlessly. Pineapples, oranges, strawberries, and macarons will be charming in any room, not just the kitchen!


Find Original Nathan Turner Wallpaper at Wallshoppe

Choose from among our peel and stick Nathan Turner Wallpaper Collection if you want wallpaper you can easily remove. There are also plentiful options in our traditional Nathan Turner Wallpaper Collection. Our wallpaper is made-to-order on eco-friendly paper. If you are having trouble choosing your favorite design of California wallpaper or other styles (us too!), check out our sample swatches to bring the pattern to life in your space.