Sugar Paper Wallpaper

Lovely patterns from the high-end stationery brand known for its tasteful design aesthetic
What's sweet and simple and delightful in a room? Sugar paper wallpaper is designer wallpaper with an aura reflecting the quiet charm of a cottage or the bolder look of stripes for a bedroom. Available in colors that bring softness to mind, this sweet wallpaper collection is suitable for a plethora of rooms.

5 products

5 products

Simplicity Reigns

The sugar paper collection features simple pattern wallpaper that can be used in a nursery as well as a home office. Signature Dot in Grey has a sophisticated yet simple subtlety that makes a restful backdrop.

Teens will love the classic heart patterns or the I Love You in script.


The Classic Office Calls

Do you have a home office? Want a designer wallpaper classic that's sophisticated and calm? Pebble in Black is a great choice for those video meetings or clients who call.


Block Prints Soothe

The Tiny Block Print in pink has a soothing effect. Use this sweet wallpaper in a nursery or space that calls for calm. Add white furniture, and a classic look follows. An old house is new again with a tiny block print with a white background.

Did we say flowers? Sugar Paper offers a larger block print with a calming flower pattern. This designer wallpaper lends a classic feeling to a bedroom, bathroom or hallway.


Traditional and Sweet

The simple pattern wallpaper designs in this collection are suitable where you want to maintain a feeling of times gone by. Traditional sugar paper wallpaper can serve as a backdrop to a feminine office where joy is part of the aesthetic. Playful as well as sweet, designs are classic and will be still in fashion years from now. 

However, if you do want to change your design, our peel and stick sugar paper wallpaper allows you to change your colors or patterns easily. Simple patterned wallpaper never goes out of style; it’s a classic that goes on. In the case of a new color scheme, you can easily replace one design with another.

Browse our Sugar Paper wallpaper and find the ideal clean and classic solution for your walls.