Tea Collection Wallpaper

Infusing a spirit of adventure into the walls that surround children in their special spaces

Building on our mission to inspire connection and curiosity for little citizens of the world, Tea Collection, a children’s clothing brand, partnered with L.A. company Wallshøppe to create a new line of wallpaper and removable wallpaper inspired by and made especially for children. Perfect for nurseries, playrooms, and children’s bedrooms, our colorful, whimsical prints create a bright, joyful backdrop for your little ones. It’s wallpaper that will foster imagination and creativity for baby, girl, boy, and parents too.

The traditional Tea Collection wallpaper is kid’s designer wallpaper at its finest. It’s memorable, it’s unique, and there’s certainly something here to suit everyone. Whether your kids--or you--are fans of tigers, watermelon, camels, sports, rainbows, fish, seagulls, sharks, bears, crocodiles, birds, bikes or any of the many other patterns offered in the collection, there’s sure to be something for you! Better yet, the designs all come in calming shades of pastel that won’t overwhelm your space as well as some brighter hues that would add a pop of color and vibrancy to any room.

19 products

19 products

The Best Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms and Nurseries

With clean and colorful designs featuring animals and other easily recognizable objects, peel and stick Tea Collection wallpaper makes for the perfect wallpaper for children. With their soothing pastel hues, many of these designs would be at home in a kid’s bedroom or a nursery. Other, brighter offerings would be perfect for a playroom.

Kids are known to love animals, so they’ll be sure to find something they like in the Tea Collection. And they’re not the only ones who will accrue benefits from this fantastic wallpaper collection; if placed in a bedroom or nursery, the soft tones and mesmerizing repetition of motifs will help lull your child straight to sleep so you won’t be kept up all night! 

Kid’s Designer Wallpaper...and Beyond!

Just because it’s wallpaper for children doesn’t mean it can’t be wallpaper for adults too! In the right context, many of these designs could appear sophisticated, quirky or even avant-garde. The designs are so full of life on their own that even minimal styling in the rest of the space would create a fun and engaging room. Consider patterns like Oasis Camels, Palms, Mediterranean Floral, Foliage Lions, Cactus and Bicycles if you’re looking for something that could add interest to any part of a home for anyone of any age. 

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