Tropical Wallpaper


Love the feeling of the tropics? You don't have to live in a beautiful tropical climate; our best tropical wallpaper brings the tropics right to your home. You can almost feel the warm, gentle breeze with banana leaf wallpaper lining the wall. Palm leaf wallpaper helps you escape to the sunny beach while enjoying the comforts of home. Find a range of colors and patterns in our best tropical wallpaper designs.

3 products

3 products

From Monkeys to Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Nature of the tropics beckons with the Monkey Garden design in yellow or apricot. Love giant leaves? Decorate a sunroom, bathroom, or family room with Pacifico Palm, a stunning palm leaf wallpaper.

For a tropical statement that vibrates, choose Electric Palm. If you have an area of white wicker furniture, this design is ideal as a backdrop. In fact, Electric Palm enlivens the space and adds a unique look.

Under the Palms

Best Fronds, a collection of colors in a palm leaf motif, is ideal for a tropical look. Palm leaf wallpaper in the yellow of Best Fronds will add sunshine to any room. Palm Shuffle is another design that is rife with palm trees; it comes in an array of colors, such as Watermelon, Creamsicle, or Grass.

A more subtle palm leaf wallpaper design is Palms, in sunny Yellow, Cerulean, or Peach.


Exotic Pineapples Are Delightful

Not only are tropical pineapples delicious to eat, but they also look smashing on walls. We have the best tropical wallpaper, including a pineapple design that will brighten any room with an aura of the tropics. Find Pineapple Express in Sky, Peach, Safari, and Beige; this design works on a kitchen or dining wall, plant room, or any place where you want the cheer of the tropics with flowers and exotic pineapples.

Traditional tropical wallpaper is a fun way to bring nature indoors.

When you need a change of décor, our peel and stick tropical wallpaper is ideal for changing the look without the mess. From Best Fronds in green to Best Fronds in retro red, your wallpaper can express your unique décor.

Just add plants. Browse our best tropical wallpaper designs with the sunny warmth of the tropics.