Introducing the Barbie™ x Wallshøppe Wallpaper Collaboration - Barbie™ Wallpaper Available Exclusively Through Wallshøppe!

Introducing the Barbie™ x Wallshøppe Wallpaper Collaboration - Barbie™ Wallpaper Available Exclusively Through Wallshøppe!

Barbie™ wallpaper is whimsical and fun and evokes a simpler time. Barbie™ was a groundbreaking doll in 1959, channeling stars of the time like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. The fashions she came with allowed her to morph into whatever celebrity or role model her owners dreamed of. The glamor has continued over the decades.

For more than half a century, the Barbie™ brand has captured the hearts of many young girls and even other fans. Those who aspire to follow the same roles possessed by the titular doll understand what she means to them. Whether she's portraying different careers or sporting different fashions, there is no doubt that the brand itself has been a major attribution to the world of toys.

Thanks to its fame, the brand is taking another step with the Barbie™ x Wallshøppe Wallpaper Collaboration, a selection of wallpaper made to fit with different styles of bedrooms. Made to celebrate the massive history of Barbie™, this collaboration allows parents to buy the perfect wallpaper for the biggest fans of the series; best of all, the variety is massive enough that there's always a style fit for every Barbie™ fan. It's not only the ideal collaboration for the Barbie™ series to delve into, but it also allows parents to think outside of the box about how they'd want to decorate a Barbie™-themed room.

Transform Any Space Into a Nostalgic and Fun Ode to Midcentury, Classic Fashion

Our Barbie™ wallpaper shows her in a wide variety of poses and outfits. From evening gowns that would look at home on the red carpet to athletic uniforms that put her right in the action, you can choose whatever suits your fancy. If you happen to be someone who wants to highlight accessories and not Barbie™ herself, then you can pick wallpaper from Wallshøppe that shows her bags, bows, and baking sets.

If you like your Barbie™ midcentury, then you can find what you are looking for in a dazzling array of color-themed wallpaper. The same holds true when it comes to more modern takes on the quintessential 1960s glamor girl. Barbie™ is timeless, after all. That's not to say that Barbie™ doesn't move with the times. People of color can find a Barbie™ who looks like them on Wallshøppe's wallpaper because Barbie™ is for everybody. This is true whether she's on the track, in the boxing ring, or on a date.

Liven Up Any Bedroom or Playroom and Inspire Limitless Potential in Your Little One

Considering how big the Barbie™ brand already is, there are plenty of ways to spice things up when it comes to changing the way the bedroom looks. With over 200 products to choose from, there is no limit to what you have in mind to enhance your child's walls or your own. Within the collection, you'll find characters and logos, background colors that fit the vision of the brand, and different eras. Whether you're interested in having a Barbie™ theme that evokes either the past or present of the franchise, there's a wide array of themes to choose from.

Each wallpaper provides a distinct take on representing Barbie™ as mentioned previously. One example is the 1960s Barbie™ wallpaper, which goes back to the early days of the brand's life. If the classic style isn't your preferred aesthetic, there are several other themed eras to choose from.

Wallpapers with logos and not dolls come included in this collection. Choose between a single version of it or multiple variants at the same time. The best aspect of the Barbie™ wallpaper options is how there's much more to choose from. Themes include athletes, trading cards, travel bags, brunettes, careers, Dallas, and much more! Even characters like Christie and Ken mix things up wonderfully as they share the same level of recognition that Barbie™ has overall.

The Benefits of Using Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

A key aspect about the Barbie™ wallpapers is the versatility they possess beyond the optional patterns: They're easy to apply as well as remove compared to traditional paste wallpaper. The ease of peel-and-stick wallpaper has made it a great choice for no-risk decor.

You can use peel-and-stick wallpaper in a number of ways as well. In addition to papering an entire room, you can use pieces of it to create accent panels or paper accent walls or nooks. Choose a large decor style and create a living mural or a subtler accent piece as trim or even to paper the ceiling with Barbie™-themed stars.

Adults can even make use of the different patterns for other rooms made to appeal to the biggest Barbie™ fans; they're great for certain public playrooms and birthday parties, and even older fans would use them for a room dedicated to their Barbie™ collection.

Wallshøppe provides you with a fabulous variety of Barbie™ wallpaper. Serve your fandom by choosing any of these high-quality wallpapers. Contact us to find out more.