Tea Collection Art

      The Tea Collection brings together vibrantly colored work from a range of international artists for an uplifting collection of kids wall décor. We’ve teamed up to bring their art—which usually adorns kids' clothing—to the world of fine art. These giclee-print works target children’s imaginations, pulling them into stories through imagery. This isn’t to say our Tea Collection art is just for kids, though. These prints are great for the young at heart regardless of age. Who doesn’t enjoy llamas, sloths, and skateboarding owls?
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      Playful and Bright

      Our Tea Collection prints are everything kids wall art should be with their soft colors and creative reimagining of subjects’ forms. Dogs do yoga, and bananas are electric. Dreams grow from winged motorcycle helmets, speeding cars, and flowering guitars. Children can find their passions in these prints as the familiar blends with a thousand possible futures.

      Adventure in Nature

      Bedroom wall art for children ought to be a window for curious minds. Jungles, deserts, and mountains pop these Tea Collection pieces, drawing the viewer outside even on a cold, rainy day. A camping bear makes a great imaginary friend, and a painted flower growing in a painted pot never dies—even if you forget to water it. Whether kids are into horses, puppies, or sloths, the Tea Collection has a two-dimensional pet they may love. Our Tea Collection wallpaper can help envelop a room in cozy comfort.

      Inspiration for Little Artists

      The Tea Collection provides exceptional wall art for children through interesting subjects simply drawn. Each piece is fun to look at, and the basic lines and clean composition begin teaching the basics of art without a lecture. Fantastic elements, like flowers growing on a horse, may help inspire a young child’s own creations.

      Kids Art for Grown-Ups

      Although these prints are designed as kids wall décor, their style appeals to fans of art deco and pop art, too. There is more than enough variety to appeal to adult tastes, and our Tea Collection pieces make excellent conversation starters for sitting rooms, family rooms, and offices. Art has no age limits. You are never too old to enjoy a fun print of an elegant white bunny.