Mirror Art


      Mirror art blends the popularity of decorative mirrors with metallic art. Instead of the usual canvas or paper base on which most prints appear, this art style uses a glass base with a reflective mirror finish. Line art works best for this medium as the base is almost important as the printed shape. The giclée print goes directly on the glass, either standing out as a stark, black outline or adding an extra layer of fascination with a brightly colored finish. Mirror art arrives as securely framed wall art ready to hang. The frames match the art style and color choice of each print for maximum impact.

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      Open Small Spaces

      Mirrors are well known for making rooms feel and look larger. They increase light by reflection and create a window-like illusion in any part of a home. Large mirror wall art provides all the benefits of a mirror with the joys of fine art. It can be paired with an attractive floor or table lamp to boost its effect on windowless, indoor spaces.

      Intricate patterns in the giclée prints make mirror art an interesting as well as a practical option for decorating dark rooms. While mirrors rely primarily on their frames to make them pretty, mirror wall art can play into a room’s overall décor theme and even serve as a conversation piece.

      Bring Something Fresh to Your Wall

      Less common than canvas or framed acrylic wall art, metallic art demands attention. The shine alone is hard to miss, and it’s always a pleasant surprise for new guests to discover there’s more than just a mirror on display. It’s a wonderful piece to literally brighten up an office, den, or other dark space. Kids love mirror wall art, too. The playful concept appeals to creative young minds and pushes the boundaries of conventional fine art.