Textile Art

      Textile art has a distinct look and texture that you won't find with traditional art prints. This type of art uses cloth, fabric and stitched thread to create evocative mixed-media pieces that feature simple shapes and bright color schemes. Some pieces use loose thread to give the art a uniquely handmade vibe. While some textile art makes deliberate use of thread and fabric, other pieces are practically indistinguishable from regular art prints until you look closer. It's all about you and what you're hoping to get out of your home décor.
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      Start Building Your Art Wall Today

      With textile wall art, you can turn any room in your house into a miniature art museum. Check out our video with tips on how to create an art wall. A good art wall draws attention to your stunning pieces while complementing the rest of the décor in your room. Our collection of textile wall art includes pieces for warm color schemes, cool color schemes, vintage-inspired décor, blues and pinks, earth tones and anything else you might have in your living space. If you're not sure how to decorate your room, you can hang up one of our pieces and let the art do the talking.

      You Can Never Have Too Much Wall Art

      If you're impressed by our textile art, check out our selection of framed wall art made from a variety of mediums. We've got photograph prints, paintings, illustrations, abstract pieces, mirror art and much more. You can bring a variety of different styles and techniques into your home with our canvas wall art. When you've looked at our wall art, why stop there? We've also got hundreds of wallpaper designs that can refresh every room in your house.

      Celebrate Your Love of Fine Art

      Browse our textile wall art, and you can enjoy fine art in your living space every day. We work with some of the world's top artists to provide original works of art that you won't find anywhere else.