Make Your Home Tropical: Palm Tree Wallpaper and More!

Make Your Home Tropical: Palm Tree Wallpaper and More!

Our Pacifico Palm wallpaper, designed by interior designer Nathan Turner, has been a huge hit with renowned magazines, bloggers, and more! Some choose to keep the banana leaf wallpaper as an accent wall to bring some life and color to their space, while others design a tropical environment around it.

Our Electric Palm Wallpaper in pink has taken this bright, Palm Springs oasis to the next level. With pastel pink bedding, and our electrified version of the classic banana leaf wallpaper, this guest bedroom will have you dreaming of the beach.

Take our Pacifico Palm Wallpaper in a subtle ivory, and use it as an accent wall in a beautiful kitchen. 

Go fully tropical with our removable palm wallpaper by adding wall decor in a tropical theme. A flamingo and a palm tree print are the perfect complements to this banana leaf wallpaper!

You can always hit the beach with our other favorite tropical wallpaper, Palm Shuffle. This is the perfect beach house wallpaper, especially when you add art to highlight the theme!

Check out our collection of tropical designs, available as traditional wallpaper rolls, and removable wallpaper panels.