Sarah Jessica Parker's New Store on Bleecker in New York City

Sarah Jessica Parker's New Store on Bleecker in New York City

In the heart of New York City’s West Village (near a famous brownstone stoop), Sarah Jessica Parker has opened a brand new store on the corner of Bleecker and Perry Streets. This well-known address and backdrop for the former ‘Sex and the City’ and the more recent sequel series, ‘And Just Like That,’ brings a nostalgic vibe to its new address. ‘SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker’ offers her signature line of shoes and gorgeous handbags and accessories. Known for her love of color and style, Sarah Jessica Parker is wowing the neighborhood with a new look that reflects her talents and passion for design. And if you’re lucky, you might even have the chance to meet her in person right there on Bleecker Street. She can occasionally be found in the store, welcoming customers and offering them her help selecting a pair of handmade Italian shoes.

The new signature store at 385 Bleecker Street has evolved nine years after Sarah Jessica Parker’s inspiring retail collection was launched. From the flagship store on West 54th to a pop-up on West 52nd, this newest adventure finally returned home to her family’s roots. After decades of developing long-lasting relationships with small business owners in the area, Sarah Jessica Parker’s dream of doing business there herself has become a reality. Her old-fashioned way of engaging with visitors creates a sense of community, a refreshing twist to today’s hustle and bustle of city shopping.

With antique furnishings, vintage accents, and the iconic Carnation wallpaper featured in ‘And Just Like That,’ SJP has created a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in her newest retail store. It’s the perfect segue to showcase her impressive curated collection of wallpaper, fabric, and accessories available on Her collaboration with Wallshoppe’s co-designer/director and friend, Eric Hughes, has produced an array of designs that feature bold and playful patterns, including floral prints, graphic stripes, and, yes, even chicken wire. If you love Sarah Jessica Parker’s flair and design, you will want to check out her many wallpaper offerings. Pops of texture, shape, and color reflect her playfulness and sense of fun while producing timeless, sophisticated decor that will help you complete your own fabulous decorating projects.

Surprises await while you explore the many enchanting wallpaper designs of Wallshoppe and Sarah Jessica Parker. From bold graphics to refined florals and whimsical dots to playful plaids, you can always expect high-end, quality products to bring durability and sophistication to your decorating projects. With hundreds of retro-inspired products, you’ll be amazed by the extensive array of colors and metallic accents available with differing prints. Thoughtful and imaginative designs like ‘Stacks’ (of books), ’Laundry Line,’ and ‘All the Bells’ will take you back in time. “Pixie Gingham’, ‘Ric Rac,’ ‘Grosgrain Stripe ‘Crosstown Plaid,’ and ‘Evelyn’s Chicken Wire,’ will remind you of simpler days and perhaps some of your fondest memories. And let’s not forget SJP’s iconic floral designs, including ‘The Queen’s Lace,’ ‘Fleur De Camomille,’ ‘The Mums, ’ and of course, the infamous carnation print, ‘Townhouse.’ With whatever wallpaper pattern(s) you select, remember to look for complementary mix-and-match patterns in SJP’s curated fabric collections by the yard, pillows, art, and more on

The next time you’re in NYC, be sure to make your way over to Bleecker St. to visit not only the stoop that Carrie Bradshaw and her cast of friends made famous but to experience the exciting new store, ’SCP by Sarah Jessica Parker’. Suppose you’re already impressed by the talents of such an incredible actress, producer, and designer like SJP. In that case, you’ll be utterly mesmerized by her ability to take all that dreamy creativity and turn it into a retail reality. Instead of entering a store, you might think you’ve entered a friend’s home who happens to own a ton of fabulous shoes. The cozy and intimate atmosphere and trendsetting design will inspire you to elevate your style with color and pizazz. Welcome back to the neighborhood, ‘SCP by Sarah Jessica Parker’; seeing you again is a pleasure!