What Effect Does Wall Color Have on Your Mood?

What Effect Does Wall Color Have on Your Mood?

What Effect Does Wall Color Have on Your Mood?

You don't have to believe in magic or psychics to understand how a color can affect your mood. Just walk into a bright room and see how different it feels from a dark one! There's been plenty of research done to back it up, too. Here's what the scientists are saying:

Red Wallpaper

Red wallpaper will bring a lot of energy to the room. It's suggested to use red wallpaper in places that don't get a lot of daylight. That's because the warm lighting on lamps makes the red wallpaper look warm, as opposed to too bright and strong. Red wallpaper is perfect for hallway that doesn't get a lot of sunlight, and we wouldn't advise putting it up in the office, where you spend a lot of daytime hours.

Yellow wallpaper

Yellow wallpaper brings joy and happiness to your space. It's considered a very welcoming color, so putting yellow wallpaper up in your entry way is a great idea! But be careful — studies have found that babies cry more in a yellow environment, so consider that when wallpapering the kid's room.

Blue wallpaper

Blue wallpaper is always a hit for bathrooms and bedrooms. It brings serenity and makes people feel relaxed. A deep blue wallpaper in your bedroom or bathroom is a good idea, but opt for a lighter, more pastel version in common spaces and areas where you entertain.

Green wallpaper

Green Wallpaper might be the safest choice for any room in your home. It's said that green wallpaper is easy for the eye to take in, and brings feelings of calm and rest. Using a green wallpaper to design a room around is a great idea, because of its calming effect.