Bathroom Makeover Video: Watch This Small Bathroom Transform With With Peel And Stick Wallpaper!

Bathroom Makeover Video: Watch This Small Bathroom Transform With With Peel And Stick Wallpaper!

Interior Designer Antoinette Loupe will show you how Wallshoppe's peel & stick wallpaper can work wonders and take your bathroom to an entirely new place. Keep on watching to see this transformation!



This video features two of our favorite removable wallpapers:


NYC in White

Splattered in Black + Neutral


Video Transcript: Room Talks - Antoinette’s Studio
Hi. My name is Antoinette. I’m an interior designer and I have just recently renovated my home design studio. So I’d love to show you around.. What I’ve done: gut renovation. But more importantly I had to create an exterior, outdoor bathroom because I only had one inside my home so when my clients come I wanted them to kind of have their own space out here. So everything was perfect, got almost everything done but I just needed some finishing touches. So I looked to my good friend Nathan Turner and his team at Wallshoppe who created this beautiful paper. So let me show you what we’re going to do.
Being a designer, I usually have amazing people on my team to help create spaces but because I was doing this on a budget, I did a lot of the work by myself. So as you’ll notice by my walls, there are a lot of imperfections but I’ll tell you- hanging drywall is really a fun thing. I suggest you do it.
Thank goodness for this fabulous wallpaper that I chose. I’m going to be able to cover up some of these imperfections.
- - - - -
Did you know?
Our peel and stick wallpaper is thick, durable and is an excellent way to upgrade imperfect walls so they look crisp and clean!
So again this is Nathan Turner’s fabulous paper which is really, for me, interesting because I just moved from New York so I wanted to bring a little bit of New York (read: Harlem) to California so from Harlem to Hermosa.
I’m going to hang this on the walls and hide all these hideous imperfections from my job which was really fun even though it doesn’t look that great. And then I thought this was a fun little pop. This is also from Nathan and it’s the dots (Splattered wallpaper). It’s a piece that we’re going to add to the ceiling. Let’s see how it goes.
- - - - -
Ready to see the transformation?
Wow! It looks amazing in here. The textures are perfect. It’s just exactly how Nathan described it would look in here. I love the ceiling. It’s a fun pop and it kind of ties in so well with the colors I love. Black, grey, white. But it also draws into all the fun pattern of my beloved New York which I just left. So I feel like, in a way, my office is reflecting where I came from in New York to now where I am in Hermosa.
So this paper for me, it’s so representative of everything I love about New York. Especially I look at this and I Love NY the shopping (bag) because that’s what you just do in New York. Then I look at this here with the martinis and that’s me and my girls meeting up at one of our fabulous hotels down in Soho or something and having some wonderful drinks.
Well I’m not big on the pigeons. You know that’s just one thing about New York that I don’t miss, at all. But I do miss the bridge. You know traveling to Brooklyn and walking across the bridge was just a thing, so I’m going to miss that a lot.
I mean this paper is fabulous: They even have the coffee cup which is a total New York staple. The blue cup with the writing. It’s just very iconic New York so this paper is spot on. It’s giving me all the fever of New York. I love it.