Temporary Decorating Tips For Your Apartment Walls

Temporary Decorating Tips For Your Apartment Walls

Temporary Decorating Tips For Your Apartment Walls

If you're thinking about decorating your apartment, and you need a temporary solution, as a renter it can be a tough process. No nail marks on the walls, nothing hanging from the ceiling, no painting without approval. Then the extra hassle of having to paint the wall back to the original color. No changing the light fixtures without written consent. The list goes on and on.

Have you ever thought about temporary wallpaperBecause the best part is that it's removable!

You don't have to get anyone's permission to put it up on your walls or take it down when the time comes. And it's affordable, often cheaper than painting an entire room. 

The self adhesive backing on Wallshoppe's removable wallpaper panels applies easily to your wall just by using your hands and with a little pressure. It retails at an affordable $58 per panel which covers approximately 10 & 1/8 square feet.

Now there comes the sticky part .... no pun intended .... which pattern to choose? Which walls do you want to decorate? Which rooms? Do you go for something traditional like a classical peony English flower feel, or something more modern and striking like a geo intricate contemporary design?

Well, removable wallpaper key fact numero 2: it easily peels off! Say for example you get tired of looking at your peony flower wallpaper print in your bedroom and your shabby chic Rachel Ashwell phase is over. You want to transform your bedroom into a sophisticated modern chic city century style boudoir. With removable wallpaper all you need to do is peel back the removable wallpaper panels and start all over. 

Without sounding like we're total geniuses because we did not invent removable wallpaper, we did look into what was missing in the USA removable wallpaper market. Particularly in the modern contemporary fashion forward arena. What quickly become obvious to us was that high quality high design removable wallpaper was simply missing. It was either too thin, too flimsy or just too darn difficult to install yourself. The designs for removable self adhesive home wallpaper were just plain boring and not at all like the mesmerizing designs you would find in the traditional glue and hang wallpaper market.

High quality designs for removable wallpapers, made in the USA from recycled papers using non toxic inks that were good for the environment were simply few and far between. And you were left with a very limited choice.

We decided at Wallshoppe HQ to address this problem head-on last year. Our goal and mission is to provide superior quality, high end designed removable wallpaper that was going to be easy to install yourself (no need to hire a wallpaper professional) and that would please even the fussiest of DIYers. 

Check out our handy how-to for how to install removable wallpaper!

For all your renters out there, here are our top five fall 2016 removable wallpaper picks we think you'll love:

1. Pacifico Palm Wallpaper in Indigo Blue $58 per removable wallpaper panel:

pacifco palm indigo removable wallaper for renters self adhesive

2. Otus the Owl Wallpaper in piggybank / pushpop $58 per removable wallpaper panel

3. Cross the Line Wallpaper in Daffodil removable wallpaper panel $58

yellow daffodil mustard bold striped removable wallpaper cheap panel

4. Medina Dot Wallpaper in daffodil / baby blue removable wallpaper panel $58

5. Veronica Wallpaper in blue removable wallpaper panel $58