DIY Steps

Before you begin, we recommend that you determine if your pattern has a Half-Drop Repeat or a Straight Repeat.

Half-Drop Repeat

If you are installing a design with Half-Drop Repeat, the panels match when they are connected at the halfway point of the adjoining design.

Straight Repeat

If you are installing a design with Straight Repeat, the panels match on all sides.

Let's get started!


Clean walls & dry walls. We strongly suggest wiping walls with isopropyl alcohol on a rag for optimal adhesion.

Note: if you have 'non-stick' paint on your walls, or a paint containing Teflon, removable panels will not adhere to the surface (nor will any peel and stick wallpaper).


Map out where each panel will be going on your wall.


Starting at the top corner, gently pull the panel away from the liner.


Pull a 2"-4" strip of the panel away from the liner. This strip will be the first piece to adhere to the wall.


Line up the top panel edge with the ceiling, or top of wall. Beginning from the top corner, press the 2"-4" strip firmly onto the wall.


Once the panel is secure, reach under & grab the liner. Slowly pull the liner away from the panel while pressing the paper onto the wall & smoothing as you go.



Install your next panel below or to the side of your previous panel so they match up, and repeat steps 2-6.

Important Note: Wallshoppe includes a 1/4" bleed, or overprint, in the width and a 1" bleed in the length of every panel. The overprint can stay on the panel (Option A) or it can be cut off before installation (Option B). Please note the following for the method you decide to use:

Option A- Overlap: Simply overlap the adjoining panel 1/4" so that the pattern on the panel repeats correctly.

Option B- Edge to Edge: Professional installer recommended. Measure 1/4" from the right edge of the panel. Using a sharp edge, remove the 1/4" strip running the length of the panel. Measure 1" from the bottom edge of the panel. Using a sharp edge, remove the 1" strip running the width of the panel.

Need assistance?

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