Black Wallpaper


      Black wallpaper is bold. It's brilliant. When you step into the room, it's the first thing you notice. Black is a color that people associate with wealth and luxury: think black marble, black-tie events, and black limousines. Some black wallpaper designs are fun and playful while others give you the sense that you're walking through a museum. In any case, black is a color that grabs your attention and won't let go. If you're tired of looking at the same décor every day, maybe it's time to dress up your living space with our stunning black wallpaper.

      Wallshoppe's collection of black wallpaper rolls is perfect for decorating with an edge. We curated our favorite dark wallpaper styles so you can really make a statement. Black and white wallpaper adds a bold element to your home decor. Visit our collection of black removable wallpaper panels for something less permanently bold.

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