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Now you can bring an artful, elevated design element home with ease

      Whether you’re someone who loves it or someone who hates it, you can likely agree that one of the most intimidating things about interior design is its permanence. After spending ages designing and decorating a space, you’re unlikely to change it for the foreseeable future given the sheer impracticability of doing so. 

      Using wallpaper is a great way to really bring your design aesthetic to life and add personality to a room, but after years of looking at the same design, even a design you absolutely love, you may wish for a change of pace. That’s where temporary wallpaper murals come in.

      In many ways, peel and stick wallpaper murals are the best of both worlds; they look permanent, but you can remove them at the drop of a hat! Our mural collection is a curated array of five naturalistic designs—inspired by images found in the famed archives of the New York Public Library (NYPL). Now you can bring an artful, elevated design element home with ease. From lush jungle to painterly birds to dreamy pastoral scenes, select your idyllic view and let it cast a spell in your space.

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      Feel Like You’re Living in an Art Gallery


      Our groundbreaking collection of classically elegant removable wall murals was inspired by real images issuing from the New York Public Library’s archives. When you install one of our five unique peel and stick wallpaper murals, you’ll have not only a great focal point for your room but also a fascinating backstory to go with it. 

      Meanwhile, the fact that you’ll have an old-school image blown up and affixed to a wall in a way that no one would have been able—let alone willing—to do until recent times will make for a fascinating combination of vintage and contemporary. How cool is that?

      Stylish Removable Wall Murals


      Our temporary wallpaper murals make for some of the best wallpaper for living rooms because they’re just so unique and classy! As opposed to the repeating designs of traditional wallpaper, these giant paintings really give the viewer something different to look at. 

      Simultaneously, the tastefully muted color schemes of the five temporary wallpaper murals in our curated collection mean that they won’t overwhelm your space and will instead help make your furniture and other décor pop. Check out our blog if you're interested in discovering more design ideas for your living room.