Modern Living Room: 7 Inspirational Design Tricks

Modern Living Room: 7 Inspirational Design Tricks

Modern Living Room: 7 Inspirational Design Tricks

This article was contribued by Chloe Taylor.

Giving a modern flair to your living room will help you invite a sense of novelty and bring in some of the hottest design trends from the modern scene. Whether you want to go with a complete makeover or just a few stylish changes, these design tricks will help you create a living room with a modern twist.

Paint with a modern colour scheme

A modern design offers a range of colourful opportunities that will give your living room a unique character. Dark and moody tones are one of the most popular options at the moment, allowing you to create a wow effect in your space. You can use them both for your living room backdrop or statement pieces, but it’s still important that you create a visual balance with other subtle tones. Deep greys, rich greens, dark browns and royal purples are a chic trend for 2018 that can work well even in smaller rooms. You just need to balance them out with light-toned materials and natural light. However, if you’re a lover of subtler shades, you can go with light greys, soft beiges and muted tones with pops of vibrant hues such as yellow and orange for a modern appeal.

Celebrate wallpaper

Wallpaper has been under the spotlight in the modern design scene for a while and it continues to enjoy its popularity. In your living room, you can use it to create visual interest and bring in intricate patterns and enticing motifs. Geometric wallpaper patterns are a modern option that will help you make a décor statement. Striped wallpaper patterns are also popular in modern living rooms, especially if you use them creatively and unexpectedly. Finally, wallpaper designs with metallic finishes, enchanting florals, botanical motifs and textured appeal have been embellishing modern homes since the beginning of 2018. 

Use the ceiling as a statement

One of the biggest trends for this year is the focus on the ceiling. You can use your living room ceiling as the focal point that will bring drama to your space. You can go with a bold, chic design in a dark hue with a mesmerising crystal chandelier. For a subtle look, you can go with a lovely floral wallpaper design or simply a different colour. Even in a traditional living room design, a statement ceiling will immediately bring in the modern spirit.

Go with elegant furniture

When it comes to furniture, modern style encourages the use of a simple, clean design that exudes elegance and sophistication. It’s important that you invest in quality pieces that will provide your living room with long-lasting appeal. For instance, simple yet luxurious lounges can take centre stage in modern living rooms and fill them with a touch of sophistication and glamour. Yet, their subtle design won’t overpower the room, letting other elements shine as well. Upholstered furniture with lovely throw pillows will also introduce a feeling of comfort, perfect for a cosy living room.

Add floating shelves

Storage is a necessary component in every room, enabling you to maintain a clean, organised look. If you want to modernise your living room, you should use floating shelves. They are a functional solution that will use your free wall space while also elevating your home décor. You can use them to exhibit your stylish decorative items, book collections and personal photographs that will give your living room a homey vibe.

Install modern lighting fixtures

Lighting is another great way to give your living room a modern flair. Apart from letting you set the mood for your space, it can also be used as an eye-catching detail in your living room. For instance, a stunning modern pendant can be placed above your coffee table as the focal point of the room. You can also use pendants instead of table lamps. Introducing lovely lamps that feature different metallic finishes or authentic lampshade designs is also in the spirit of modern design. Even vintage lamps can work well in a modern setting, bringing a touch of antiquity to your space. For truly modern appeal, you should go with glass or metal lighting fixtures that feature geometric shapes and abstract motifs.

Bring in modern art

Regardless of the style, artwork is always a popular embellishment that will truly elevate your living room décor. You should introduce abstract paintings for a modern vibe and experiment with their arrangement. For instance, designing a stunning gallery wall will help you bring in a popular trend to your space. On the other hand, exhibiting a single oversized painting can bring focus to this stunning piece of art.

As your home retreat, your living room should exude comfort and cosiness. However, it should also have an authentic look that will express your personality and style. Thus, you should use these stunning ideas to give your space uniquely modern appeal. 

Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time.