Nathan Turner Art Collection

      If you’re searching for something to complement a selection from our wonderful collection of Nathan Turner Wallpaper, which is full of bright, fun statement prints featuring flowers and patterns, look no further than Nathan Turner’s California wall art. Since these striking pieces come from the same curator, they are bound to make the perfect accompaniment for any of the wallpapers we offer. That said, these paintings, photographs and prints could certainly work on their own as well.
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      California Vibes

      Are you a fan of the beachy and natural vibe of the casual California or California cool interior design styles? If so, then Nathan Turner’s California wall art is for you. Even if you're not a current resident of the Golden State, you can pay homage to its natural beauty and spirit of relaxed adventure by purchasing one of these curated artworks.

      Delve Into the Collection

      All of the eclectic works in the Nathan Turner California art collection share a sense of serenity and lack of pretension. From the tastefully offbeat avocados in Avocado Slice to the clean lines of Black Lab to the wanderlust evoked in California Blvd, Hollywood Theater and Rodeo Drive to the simplicity of Shuffle Skate, Sandals and Summer Citrus, each piece is incredibly unique.

      United in spirit, the collection nevertheless comprises an interesting range of artistic styles and techniques. Oversized photographs like Sunset Blvd on Acrylic, Bel Air, East Ojai Orange Tree and Echo Park on Acrylic offer a touch of realism. Meanwhile, paintings like Beach Stripes, Beach Volleyball, Polka Dot Bikini, Watercolor Poppy, My Boy Nacho and Happy Hour are more soft and whimsical. If you’d prefer something more abstract and neutral, check out the Rainbow series.

      Nathan Turner’s California wall art is both calming and pleasing to the eye. The predominance of green and blue hues with the occasional pop of brighter color, usually in the form of reds and oranges, is guaranteed to add some zen yet vibrant interest to your space.