Barbie™ Fabric


      Like the legendary doll who inspired it, the patterns from our Barbie™ x Wallshoppe decorative fabrics collection are impeccably styled, quietly confident and totally fun to be around. Designed and produced in our Los Angeles studio, these upholstery grade fabrics come in 3-yard increments and are available in both white linen and natural flax linen. 

      Inspired by design elements from vintage Barbie™ fashions and accessories, the Barbie™ x Wallshoppe fabrics collection is whimsical yet elegant, nostalgic yet fresh, girlie but bold. And yes, there’s plenty of pink.

      Whether you’re a diehard DIY-er or just have a few fun ideas, the Barbie™ x Wallshoppe Fabric-by-the-Yard collection will help bring your visions to life. And like Barbie™ herself, they make any space they grace more beautiful.

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