Midcentury Modern Framed Art

      Mid-century art is known for its distinct range of styles that includes abstract paintings, realistic portraits and chaotic paint splatters. Modern art doesn't have to be boring--we've got some of the most exciting pieces right here. You can choose from monochrome pieces that accentuate your existing décor or brightly colored pieces that will quickly become the talking point of your living space. We work with top mid-century artists like Chris Benz and Nathan Turner to ensure that you're getting a quality product. Forget about the generic dollar-store prints and start decorating your house with genuine fine art.
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      Browse Our Collection of Chris Benz Art

      Chris Benz art is famous for its bold patterns, sweeping designs and expert color placement. This mid-century wall art is 100% printed, mounted, framed and ready to hang on your wall. We use high-quality inks to capture the vibrancy and brilliance of the original designs. You can choose from his subdued, neutral pieces or go for a brightly colored painting that brings a little cheer into your day. Either way, you're about to become the proud owner of a licensed Chris Benz art print.

      Decorate Your House With the Art of Nathan Turner

      Paintings, photographs, illustrations: Nathan Turner art has it all. Some of his pieces have a simple abstract vibe that captures the essence of mid-century modern wall art. Other pieces draw heavily from realism with an unmistakable Nathan Turner spin. His pieces tend to focus on the state of California with its beaches, boardwalks and relaxing summer days. You can also buy charming flower portraits and vibrant fruit paintings that would look great in your kitchen. There's much more to mid-century art than the few pieces you learned about in school.

      Now's Your Chance to Become a Fine Art Appreciator

      With these mid-century art pieces from Chris Benz and Nathan Turner, you'll be able to turn any room into an art gallery. Browse our collection to find the right pieces for your home.