Chris Benz Framed Art Collection


      If you're looking for modern art with bold colors, look no further than our Chris Benz collection. Chris Benz is a contemporary artist who is inspired by modern-day New York. He has created some unique wall art as well as wallpaper designs. If you're looking for something bold and one of a kind, you'll find it in this collection.

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      Wall Art With a Pop of Color

      Chris Benz offers a few mid-century wall art prints that come in different colors. His "El Quijote" offers masterful brush strokes in a beautiful piece of art that would look great in any home, and it comes in four different colors. Benz also offers art inspired by Buka cloth and indigo cloth which are phenomenal interpretations. Finally, we also offer his "Marguerite Mural," which comes in two color options and shows off his talent for understated, modern art.

      One-of-a-Kind Wallpaper

      If you're looking for something a little bigger than wall art, check out our Chris Benz wallpaper designs. Each of his designs is available with ordinary wallpaper or our peel and stick wallpaper. Each unique design comes in many different color options for you to choose from.

      In his "Corner Deli" look, Benz plays with a unique, spotted look. Choose from light or dark colors with this design to decorate your room any way you want. He also offers a "Dumbo" collection showing off overlapping circles. This design is not only available in different colors, but the circles are available in three different sizes. He has also featured his "El Quijote" wall art design as a wallpaper. Choose from a multiple of different colors for this design, and enjoy those amazing brush strokes covering your wall.

      Why Chris Benz

      Chris Benz offers unique brush strokes, bright colors and one-of-a-kind designs that will look great anywhere. If you love designer wall art, then take a look at what he has to offer. His graphic wall art designs are sure to brighten up any home.