Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between WS Paper and WS Removable Panels?

WS Removable Panels are a proprietary self-adhesive backed wallpaper that has the look and feel of traditional wallpaper—but can be easily removed. WS Paper is traditional wallpaper that can be applied using wallpaper paste. Both papers are made of 100% non-toxic materials with absolutely no PVC. 

How removable are WS Removable Panels?

WS Removable Panels use a low tack adhesive that creates a temporary bond with the wall surface. The beauty of our paper is that it will remove with ease as soon as you are ready. Just peel back from a corner slowly. For best results we suggest adhering to walls with primer, egg shell, satin, gloss or semi-gloss paint.

Is Wallshoppe paper meant only for walls?

Absolutely not! Wallshoppe papers can be used for virtually any application. WS Removable Panels can be used as drawer liners, bookshelf panels, ceilings, backsplashes and stair risers. If you have any design ideas, email us so we can share with all our customers.

What’s so special about Wallshoppe paper?

Wallshoppe paper is 100 percent paper, non-woven wall covering print media reinforced for strength and durability. Wallshoppe paper is a superior alternative to PVC wallcovering materials. Its environmentally responsible construction supports two LEED credits. The product is dimensionally stable and tear-resistant with a bright white surface. Wallshoppe also uses a proprietary latex ink system that is completely nontoxic, chemical-free and completely safe for child applications as well. At Wallshoppe, design and sustainability must coexist. We source sustainable, raw materials and strive to incorporate sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process thus reducing our carbon footprint.  

Wallpaper installation, how tricky is it?

Wallpaper installation can be a bit tricky, we highly recommend using a professional paper hanger.  A qualified installer can be found through the Wallcovering Installers Association.

How should Wallshoppe paper be cared for?

Wallshoppe papers can be wiped down using a water-dampened microfiber cloth.  Please keep in mind that harsh scrubbing or chemical cleaners can damage the ink on your beautiful paper.