Paper and Process

Wallshoppe designs are available on two different types of paper, WS Paper and WS Removable Panels.

WS Paper and WS Removable Panels are non-woven wallcoverings made of 30% recycled materials and reinforced with natural latex for strength and durability.  Wallshoppe paper is a superior alternative to PVC wallcovering materials.  It's environmentally responsible construction supports LEED credits.  WS Paper and WS Removable Panels are dimensionally stable, tear-resistant, light-fade resistant and can be wiped down with a damp cloth.


Panels are backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive, ready for an easy peel and stick application. The back has a low tack adhesive that creates a temporary bond with the wall surface. Removable panels come as single panels that are 27 in. wide by approximately 54 in. long. Panel sizes vary with each design.

WS Removable Panels can be removed with ease by peeling back from a corner slowly.


At Wallshoppe it is important that design and sustainability co-exist. Products are printed using an odorless latex ink system that is nontoxic and safe for applications in schools and hospitals. Recycled materials are sourced and incorporated into the manufacturing process in order to maintain sustainable practices and to reduce the size of Wallshoppe’s carbon footprint.

Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.