Your Guide to Metallic Wallpaper

Your Guide to Metallic Wallpaper

Straight out of the 70s and into the 2020s, the shimmer and shine of metallic wallpaper have reinvented itself. With a chic twist to modern decorating, Wallshoppe offers a unique collection of Retro, Vintage-Inspired, and Graphic styles, all creatively designed by Carly Beck and Sarah Jessica Parker. By incorporating beautiful and lustrous metallic elements into unique patterns and colors, our talented designers have added sparkle and sophistication to your living space. Whether you’re looking for a subtle shimmer or a bold statement, metallic wallpaper adds glamor and excitement to any room. 

Wondering what metallic wallpaper is all about? It uses foil, glitter, or metallic ink to incorporate metallic finishes into the paper. These shiny elements add a unique depth to the wallpaper’s appearance and can be perfect for adding an unexpected touch of sparkle to almost any area. Accent walls, bathrooms, and hallways are great canvases for metallic wallpaper.

Because metallic wallpaper has a unique ability to brighten up a room, it sets it apart from traditional wallpaper. In contrast, it’s essential to consider lighting and how the sun will reflect in a particular space. If you’re considering metallic wallpaper for your next decorating project, think about how the angle and intensity of your lighting will affect the look you want to achieve. 

Metallic wallpaper is not only trendsetting but durable as well. With proper installation and care, it is designed to be an excellent investment for years to come. Unless you’re a seasoned Do-It-Yourselfer, consider hiring a reputable, professional paper hanger. Ask around for someone with good references and agree on a plan for how much to order, how it will be installed, and a working timeline from beginning to end. An experienced pro will help you decide on your best options and assure you it’s the right plan for your decorating project.

Once your fabulous new metallic wallpaper is glamming up your living space, know how to care for it. As with most wallpaper, clean it gently with a soft cloth or feather duster to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using water and spot clean only when necessary. Avoid scratches and scrapes, so be careful when hanging pictures and arranging furniture pieces close to the walls.

Metallic wallpaper by Carly Beck, aka (CAB and Carlyle), showcases the timeless cocktail, ‘Martini,’ in a lavish and elegant pattern. Impress your guests with the feeling of New York’s finest hotels in this newest wallpaper line for Wallshoppe. ‘Martini’ has a matte silver background for cocktail glasses, olives, and twists, creating an absolute winner for a bar or dining area. Even if you don’t live on the Upper East Side, you’ll feel like you do.


Also inspired by The Carlyle, Carly Beck has produced another matte silver metallic wallpaper design with her offering of ‘Upper East Side.’ Whimsical and sophisticated pets will delight you with their city-like activities. It’s the perfect conversation wallpaper for those with a sense of humor and  New York style.

  You don’t have to live on a farm to fall in love with ‘Evelyn’s Chicken Wire,’ just one of the many new metallic wallpaper offerings by the very talented  Sarah Jessica Parker. Along with Wallshoppe’s co-creative director, Eric Hughs, she brings metallic wallpaper to a whole new level. Dots, stripes, and ric rac patterns come in various colors to add an unexpected touch of glimmer to your living space, bringing a retro look to life.

With your imagination and these exceptional metallic wallpaper options, you can create a lasting, trending, and unforgettable look with a warm, vintage feel. The 70s may have been fifty years ago, but the style hasn’t disappeared. With Wallshoppe’s new designs that project a bold and carefree vibe, it’s possible to pay homage to a former decade and showcase the current one. Shopping online for metallic wallpaper, along with coordinated pillows, art, and fabric by the yard, will help you transform your home or office into one that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle. Maybe it’s time to get those bell bottoms out of storage and complete the look.