Top 10 Design Tips on Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Top 10 Design Tips on Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Top 10 Design Tips on Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Decorating a small kitchen when space is minimal is not for the faint hearted. But here at Wallshoppe, we've got you covered.

1. Go French:

Who doesn't love how stylish the French are? Add some classic French touches to your new kitchen. Try using splashes of white and blue or white on white as a color scheme. A mirrored splash back is ideal to create a stylish French touch.

2. Shelf it up:

Add extra shelves to create secret space nooks. Open slat shelves create more depth and they're handy for storing extra plates, cups, and bowls in your kitchen. You can place wallpaper to frame the backs of the shelves creating peeks of unexpected color and patterns. Check out the following post for more alternative & creative ways to use wallpaper around the kitchen! 

3. Farmhouse touches:

Some small wooden accents on kitchen door handles, or a kitchen island made out of recycled wood can transform your dull kitchen into a rustic farmhouse.

4. Industrial accents:

Metal stools are the perfect way to give your kitchen an old factory vibe. Try using wallpaper to give your bare kitchen walls a rustic loft atmosphere. Check out the following post for more tricks to use wallpaper in the kitchen

5. Go deep: 

Using a deep old-school ceramic kitchen sink will create a cool new look compared to the tired stainless steel sink.

6. Consider a breakfast bar: 

A two-person breakfast bar will bring new style to your kitchen.

7. Try a restaurant kitchen look: 

Using accents of stainless steel, like shelves or countertops, provides the perfect illusion of a chef's kitchen.

8. Luxe it up: 

There's nothing like a cararra marble countertop to provide a luxurious tone. Marble can be expensive but consider using marble just around the sink area, and complete the rest of the counter top in a cheaper finish such as a soapstone.

9. Mexican accent splash back:

If you're in the mood to be creative and daring, rather than using a plain subway tile splash back, go for something like a bold bright Mexican tile or a mosaic tile that can transport you to Tuscany.

10. Colorful cabinetry: 

You don't have to go all black and white with your kitchen cabinets. Painting your kitchen cabinets a deep ocean blue or daffodil yellow can bring a pop of color to your kitchen.​