Removable wallpaper has so many more creative uses that extend beyond hanging it up on your homes walls.  Creative DIYers around the globe have come up with some highly imaginative uses for wallpaper.

Here are our favorite top 20 uses for wallpaper NOT on your walls:

1. Stair-rises (the gaps in between the stairs)

wallpaper inbetween stairs

source: Pinterest

2. Living room shelves

wallpaper inbetween shelves

source: Pinterest

3. Bookshelves

wallpaper inbetween book shelves

source: Pinterest

4. Chest of drawers

using wallpaper in bedroom chest of draws

source: Pinterest

5. Kitchen shelves

wallpaper in between kitchen shelves

source: Pinterest

6. As a ceiling mural

decorating your ceiling using wallpaper

source: Pinterest

7. Frame wallpaper like a piece of art

Frame wallpaper like a piece of art

source: Pinterest

8. One wall of your hallway

Wallpaper your hallway

source: Pinterest

9. Underneath your staircase

wallpaper ideas for under the stairs

source: Pinterest

10. On the edges of your Windows creating a framed border

11. Decorating your ceiling fan 

12. Covering your dining room table

13. Covering your desk with a cool interesting pattern

wallpaper covered desk for your home office

source: Pinterest

14. In the kitchen drawers as cool quirky drawer liners

15. The back of your kitchen cupboards

back of kitchen shelves wallpaper ideassource: Pinterest

16. On the back of your front door

doors with wallpaper

source: Pinterest

17. As a feature bed headboard

wallpaper bedhead idea

source: Pinterest

18. At the end of your bed frame

19. As a kitchen splash back board

wallpaper kitchen splashback

source: Pinterest

20. In bedroom dresser drawers as drawer liners

There are endless possibilities with a little creative imagination.