How to Incorporate Farmhouse Style Décor in Your Home

How to Incorporate Farmhouse Style Décor in Your Home

Farmhouse décor is one of the most popular styles out there, and it's easy to see why—this relaxed, casual style creates a home that's both beautiful and inviting. It's all about approachability. A farmhouse encourages you to kick off your shoes and settle in for a morning chat or a cozy evening. Whether you're going for a Scandi-inspired modern farmhouse or a vintage, shabby-chic vibe, these tips can help you design a space that feels fresh.

Stick With Neutral Colors on Your Walls

Create a versatile canvas for your farmhouse design with neutral walls. White, ivory, and beige maximize the natural light in the space, helping it feel bright and homey right off the bat. These hues are also exceptionally practical—a hallmark of farmhouse style—because they pair easily with a range of colors and textures. Bonus points if you have textured walls: Whitewashed wood panels or bead board bring serious country style to a space. On plain, flat walls, neutral wallpaper creates the illusion of rustic texture.

Change the Vibe With Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Looking to make a big impact with minimal effort? Switch out your existing light fixtures for farmhouse-style models. A rustic wood chandelier transforms your dining room, and a pair of gooseneck barn-light sconces adds country charm to a bathroom mirror or foyer. When choosing light fixtures, aim for simple, practical elements such as wrought iron, weathered wood, exposed bulbs, and rope accents.

Mix Old and New Elements

Farmhouse style is deceptively simple, but add too many rustic items, and your home will start to look like an antiques shop. The trick is to balance your vintage elements with clean, modern pieces. Pair a vintage metal bed frame with a crisp, white comforter, for example, or set off a weathered-wood coffee table with simple modern sofas. This strategy incorporates rustic elements without making the space feel dated.

Decorate With Florals

Florals are a timeless part of farmhouse style. Go for a traditional vibe with sprigged sheets and floral quilts, or try adding flower-print café curtains in your kitchen or bathroom. In a modern farmhouse, floral wall art and removable floral wallpaper are easy ways to add a pop of color. For a literal interpretation of this ultra-feminine design element, tuck a bouquet of freshly cut wildflowers into a mason jar.

Incorporate Texture

If you look at photos of historic farmhouses, you'll see an explosion of texture in every room. Burlap, cotton, weathered wood, and metal are just a few of the options. As you're incorporating farmhouse style into your home, choose pieces with distinct, casual textures. Add a chunky knit throw to a sofa, or choose pillows covered with loose-weave cotton. For a big, bold accent, transform a wall by covering it with reclaimed wood planks. Need new window treatments? Linen and lace bring softness and classic style to your bedroom or living room. Don't forget about subtle touches, such as a lampshade covered in white burlap or a wicker basket stuffed with blankets.

Choose Distressed or Weathered Furniture

Distressed or weathered items are an easy way to achieve the signature lived-in look of a farmhouse. If the budget allows, purchase vintage pieces with peeling paint, faded stain, or rough wood grain. You can also create your own. Take sandpaper to the edges of your coffee table, buffet, or dresser, and rub gently until the wood or another finish starts to show through. Make a smooth surface feel aged by distressing it with a chisel, hammer, or other blunt tool to add nicks and dents. Don't forget to wear safety goggles.

A little bit of weathering goes a long way; to avoid going overboard, start with a single piece of furniture. Then, add in smaller distressed items to amplify the effect. You can pick up galvanized metal jugs, worn wooden crates, or mirrors with chipped paint on the frames at any thrift or antiques store.

Find Beauty in Utilitarian Pieces

Embrace the farmhouse spirit by choosing items that are both practical and interesting. Instead of simple shelves, mount wire metal baskets on your walls. Expand your dry goods storage with decorative ceramic canisters, or bring color to your kitchen with a windowsill herb garden. Switch out your modern coffee table for a vintage wooden trunk, and use the interior to store pillows and blankets. If you're up for a project, replace the upper cabinets in the kitchen with thick, reclaimed-wood shelves. The space will feel more open, and the wood adds instant rustic charm.

Add Farm Elements

Farm life is all about working the land and getting back to nature. Even if you live in a city apartment or a detached suburban house, there are ways to incorporate these core sensibilities into your design. We're not talking about animal-print curtains or wallpaper borders printed with fruit baskets. Instead, maintain a modern vibe with animal and nature wall art or chic greenery wreaths. You can also pull elements right from the farm: Think of items such as sliding barn doors, wagon-wheel coffee tables, and ladder towel racks. Hit up the antiques stores to find vintage milk tins, old garden tools, or galvanized metal buckets.


Incorporating farmhouse style décor doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. By starting with a few rustic pieces and adding on gradually, you can find the perfect balance of updated style and vintage country charm. In the end, you'll have a warm, welcoming home that's brimming with love and hospitality. Shop our collections at Wallshoppe to find the perfect designs to refresh your home with farmhouse style.