10 Smart and Creative Ideas for What to Do With a Spare Bedroom

10 Smart and Creative Ideas for What to Do With a Spare Bedroom

Have you recently moved to a big house that has a spare bedroom? You have probably been using that space for storage, or it is just empty. You can repurpose your spare bedroom and make it into something useful and cool.

1. Treat Yourself to a Full-Room Closet

Your bedroom closet might be too small for you, and at times, you have clothes lying all around. You can save yourself from the mess by making your spare bedroom a full-room closet. Put in a rack for hanging clothes, a shoe rack, and a wardrobe cabinet or armoire. With this new closet, it will be way easier for you when you need to retrieve your clothes, and your bedroom will feel more spacious.

2. Convert Your Spare Bedroom Into a Playroom for Kids

If you have children, they need a playroom. Instead of wasting the spare bedroom, consider converting it into a dedicated playroom for your kids. Organize their toys in the room, put a mat on the floor for them to sit on while playing, and customize the space with kids' room wallpaper and kids wall art. Your children will be happy to have a special place to play, and you can contain any messes rather than spread them all over the house.

3. Make It Into a Home Office

Many people work from home, so a home office will come in handy. If you have kids, it might be hard for you to work from your living room because they will constantly disturb you. If you have a spare bedroom, then worry no more. You can convert it into a home office. Set up a desk or table, chair, computer, and printer. Include a bookcase or shelving for print materials. Now you can comfortably work from home without distraction.

4. Furnish It as a Guest Room

If you always have friends or family visiting, then creating a guest room sounds like a smart idea. Customize your spare room with bedroom wallpaper, store some extra bedding and towels for your guests to use, and keep it clean so that it will be ready to welcome them anytime. You'll no longer have the stress of surprise guests sleeping in the living room or making household members share rooms when guests are in residence.

5. Create a Home Cinema

With a home cinema, you can make staying in fun. Make your spare bedroom a home cinema by placing a TV or screen projector there. Add a comfy sofa with throw pillows and a popcorn machine for the times when you don't want to tear yourself away from a thriller to go to the kitchen. Also, make sure the room has an internet connection for easy movie streaming.

6. Give Yourself a Dressing Room

If you are a lover of fashion and makeup, then you need a dressing room. Instead of wasting your spare bedroom, convert it into your dressing room. All you need there are a dressing mirror, wardrobe, makeup products, hair products, and accessories. Ensure that the room has proper lighting, and arrange it well to have enough space for dressing up.

7. Make It a Reading Room

If you love reading or have kids who need to study, then convert the spare bedroom into a reading area or mini library. You will need a bookshelf, an armchair, a table, and proper lighting. If you're a true bookworm, add a bookcase or two to keep your favorite volumes and magazines at hand. Then, your reading area will be ready. You can also use the reading area when you need a quiet space to concentrate when working from home.

8. Convert It Into a Laundry Room

Your bathroom might be too small for you to wash clothes there. If you have a spare bedroom, then you can convert it into your laundry room. Place your hamper or laundry basket, buckets, basins, washing powder, and soaps in the room. Make sure there's a good water supply with proper drainage so that you don't have to carry water from a bathroom. With a laundry room, there'll be no reason to have dirty clothes all over your bedroom.

9. Have an Indoor Garden

Gardens are beautiful, and you can give your spare bedroom a new life as an indoor garden. You can use it to plant vegetables and fruits to eat and flowers for decorative displays. To make the most of your indoor garden, control the amount of light and the temperature. Get a watering can and water your garden regularly, and it will give you produce just as an outdoor garden would.

10. Turn It Into a Game Room

Children are not the only ones who need playrooms. Adults need a game room, and you can turn your spare bedroom into one. If you love playing computer games, then you can put your computer there. Alternatively, you can use the game room to play poker, bridge, chess, checkers, Scrabble, Monopoly, and many more card and board games. Customize your space with designer wall art or abstract graphic wallpaper to give it a gaming vibe. Remember, your brain needs to relax, and playing games is one of the best ways to do it.

Pick one of the ideas above and give your spare bedroom a new life. You can even make this room serve multiple purposes if it is big enough. If you need advice on decorating and customizing your renovated spare room, contact us at Wallshoppe today.