5 Best Ways to Mix and Combine Wallpaper Patterns for a Creative Look in Your Home

5 Best Ways to Mix and Combine Wallpaper Patterns for a Creative Look in Your Home

When you are combining wallpaper patterns, there are no rules set in stone. You can choose patterns based on the theme of your décor. If you are putting wallpaper in a small space, you might want to stick with light colors to make the room feel more spacious. If you are dealing with a large space, you can add more dark colors.

Wallpaper can give a room a vibe that plain paint cannot achieve. With different patterns and designs, the rooms in your home will have more character. Each room will also stand apart from each other. When you are in your home, you want each room to give you a different vibe. This effect can boost or relax your energy as needed.

You are the designer. You will get to choose which graphic wallpaper goes in each room. Below are a few tips for how to combine your wallpaper patterns.

Choose a Color Scheme

Choosing the right color scheme means you are going to take five to ten colors that go together and stick with those options. These colors will blend well together through complementing tones. There are many color themes you can choose from. Try to go with a color scheme that goes with the other decorations in the room.

For a day room, a nice color scheme would be one with some yellows and reds. If the room has some big windows, the sun rays can enhance light yellow and pink striped wallpaper.

A monochromatic color scheme can introduce contrast to the room you are designing. This type of color scheme has different hues of the same color. When you are dealing with extremes, you can mix a dark purple with a light blue, and both colors will be in the same monochromatic color scheme.

Use Patterns With Coordinating Colors

Patterns with colors that go together are a good way to blend different wallpaper styles. In the kitchen, you can have wallpaper around the stove area with pink lemons. In the dining table area, there can be wallpaper with a pink menagerie design. Even though the patterns are different, the colors will complement each other beautifully.

When you use your imagination, you can come up with many types of combinations. For the bathroom wallpaper, you can put up a design with a teal background with ivory doves flying around. This style will give you that rise-and-shine vibe as you get ready for your day in the morning. In the master bedroom, you can put up wallpaper with a New York City design with the same color scheme.

Using patterns with coordinating colors will open up new avenues of ideas. Your job is to be creative and take chances on your artistic instinct.

Add a Rug

Adding a rug can be the buffer between multiple styles of wallpaper. A rug with a particular design can cause different styles of wallpaper to relate to one another. You can have two types of wallpaper that you like, but they do not traditionally go good together. When you introduce a rug into the equation, both wallpapers could go well with the rug. This will bring harmony between all the components.

The rug could have the stripes of one wallpaper, and it could have the color of the other wallpaper. This will cause a synergy within the whole room. As you look at the room, the energy will flow. Make sure the other items you put in the room go with the concept.

The beautiful thing about rugs is that they are interchangeable. You can change the whole vibe of a room by simply replacing the rug. This opens up your decorative options even more.

Avoid Pattern Overload

With all of the choices out there, it is easy to get caught up in pattern overload. A room shouldn't have more than three different wallpaper patterns. Some rooms are spacious and divided into different sections. These types of rooms can have multiple wallpaper patterns.

Kids' rooms are more flexible when it comes to multiple wallpaper patterns. Kids have busy minds and bodies, so you can have more fun decorating their rooms with pattern overloads. Check out our kids room wallpaper for ideas! 

Spaces like the living room or the guest room are for mature folks. These rooms need to stick with one or two wallpaper patterns. Open spaces that are not divided by rooms should use multiple wallpaper patterns to show boundaries between areas with different purposes.

Stick to a Theme

No matter how many colors or different patterns you use, they can all blend together as long as you stick to a theme. You can use multiple colors and patterns of a floral design wallpaper or floral wall art if the room has a lot of plants and flowers. If you have a wallpaper with an octopus pattern and another wallpaper with fish, they will go well in a room with an aquarium in it.

Combining wallpaper patterns has endless possibilities. If you have a vision in your mind, you can find some wallpaper to compliment your ideas. The key is to pay attention to color schemes. Try to make the wallpaper go with the other décor in the room. Also, you can make different colors and patterns go together if they support the theme of their environment.

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