Introducing The Tea Collection x Wallshoppe Wallpaper Collaboration... for the nursery, bedroom, and playroom!

Introducing The Tea Collection x Wallshoppe Wallpaper Collaboration... for the nursery, bedroom, and playroom!

Introducing The Tea Collection x Wallshoppe Wallpaper Collaboration... for the nursery, bedroom, and playroom!

A New Way To Wake Up Kids’ Spaces With Color, Fun, and Wonder!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Tea Collection began with a dream to inspired global connection and curiosity for little citizens of the world...traveling the world to bring the beauty of different cultures and modern design to children’s clothing. And now, we’ve embarked on a new adventure, infusing that same spirit into the walls that surround children in their special spaces. 

Introducing Tea Collection wallpaper, a design collaboration with Los Angeles-based Wallshøppe. Infused with color, cheerful design and bold pattern, the collection was conceived with little ones in ideal addition for nurseries, kids’ bedrooms, and playrooms. Tea Collection has designed 31 distinct and stylish removable wallpaper styles—perfect for rooms that need a quick style hit without a long-term commitment.

Tea Collection San Francisco is known for modern designs that inspire children to dream big and live with a sense of adventure. The Tea Collection wallpaper collection is no exception. Like their clothing and accessories, the wallpaper designs are an exuberant mix of color and pattern and are designed to last for as long as you and your little ones desire. 

Wallpaper is one of the quickest ways to infuse color, pattern, and personality into a room. That’s especially true for a nursery, kid’s bedroom, or children’s playroom. While wall coverings have been historically a design detail used in grown-up spaces like dining rooms and living areas, there’s now Tea Collection wallpaper for the modern, style-minded parent and child.  

The happy, bright prints easily add a beautiful backdrop to any child’s space, from demure to daring with over thirty styles of peel-and-stick wallpaper. There are oversize blooms rainbows or swaying palms for a nursery, neon fish and graphic lightning bolts for a bedroom, and flowy waves and punchy citrus grove prints for the playroom. 

Removable wallpaper is a smarter choice over paint and murals as these are truly transitional spaces. Babies become kids, kids go from toddler to teen in the blink of an eye and playrooms morph into dens, home offices, or spare bedrooms. Having the freedom to infuse almost instant style that can be changed or removed quickly can save you time, money, and headaches. 

Meet the new Tea Collection wallpaper collection.  

Surrounding Little Ones With Color, Curiosity, and Play

What makes wallpaper ideal for nurseries and children’s spaces? It’s a one-step makeover that infuses a baby or child’s room with the details that spark smiles and sweet dreams. With over thirty patterns (each with multiple color palettes), there’s a style for every style and space. For the nursery, there are soft, soothing Aegean Waves, cuddly and cheerful Chubby Bears, and happy swimming Trailing Turtles. Kids bedrooms can become inspired spaces for what they love most, from exotic animals like lions, tigers, and camels to pretty pastel garden prints that seem to have leaped straight out of a fairytale book. Playrooms are often multi-use spaces, so graphic patterns like Sundials and Island Fruits delight kids and grown-ups alike. 

Wallpaper Designs That Grow With Your Baby and Child 

The benefits of removable wallpaper for children's spaces are easy to see. With no long-term commitment necessary, styles can flex and grow with your little one, from six months to six years and beyond. While traditional wallpaper involves a more labor-intensive process, Tea Collection wallpaper is backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, ready for an easy peel-and-stick application. The back has a low tack adhesive that creates a temporary bond with the wall surface. This no-muss, no-fuss option gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to decorating the walls of a nursery, kid’s bedroom, or playroom. With no paste to deal with, wallpapering a wall or entire room takes less time than painting. And when your little one graduates from crawling to ABCs, so can their decor. Swap out baby-friendly patterns such as florals or seagulls or sea gardens for more kid-friendly prints like juicy watermelons or smiling crocodiles. 

Peel & Stick Wallpaper vs. Permanent Wallpaper

Tea Collection Wallpaper is much more than cool design for a nursery, kid’s bedroom, or play space. The removable peel-and-stick panels are one of the quickest, easiest, and accessible decor options available. With no special adhesive to put up or take down, installing (and changing) the wallpaper panels could not be simpler. The panels are backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive ready for an easy peel and stick application.

You can remove panels by simply peeling back from a corner slowly. With Tea Collection wallpaper, you can install and remove designs without harming any of the walls in your home. Care is easy, too. Each wallpaper can be wiped down using a water-dampened microfiber cloth. Nothing is more important than keeping your home safe and pure for your family. That’s why Tea Collection removable wallpaper designs use an odorless latex ink that is non-toxic. Recycled materials are sourced and incorporated into the manufacturing process in order to maintain sustainable practices and to reduce the size of Tea Collection wallpaper’s carbon footprint.

Explore all of the colors, patterns, and fun waiting to fill your child’s space where you can browse over thirty styles in multiple colors. Each Tea Collection San Francisco wallpaper roll measures 27 inches wide by 27 inches tall and each has a straight repeat, making papering a wall or entire room foolproof. The removable wallpaper is all designed and produced in California, U.S.A.