Designing Around Your Wallpaper

Designing Around Your Wallpaper

When it comes to home decor, wallpaper can make a big, bold statement, or it can play the role of neutralizer. Which suits your taste best?


Play with high contrasts if you're bold

An edgier designer will love mixing and matching contrasting colors. If your living room walls are covered in our Fes Zag in Yellow, get a blue coffee table with a lot of saturation. Your daring design will surely make a statement! 

Bring a color wheel next time you go furniture shopping, or get some paint chips at Home Depot to get a feel for how your colors will go together.


Use wallpaper as the neutralizer

If you have a lot of brightly colored artwork, installing a neutral wallpaper will allow you to add a more creative element to your room without distracting. Our neutral wallpaper collection has plenty of options, including our Bloc wallpaper in stone.

Adding a subtle neutral wallpaper to your home will make it feel more thoughtfully designed and loved, but it won't clash with any decor you already have.



Use wallpaper as an accent instead of the main feature

If you love the style of wallpaper but don't want it all over, use it in a designated section of your home. Check out what Chic and Disheveled did behind some shelving in her bathroom:

Using wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash or the alcove of your living room is great for adding a bold design element, without overwhelming the look of the room.

Tanya Foster's office looks great with the bar area covered in our Y Not Wallpaper. The tropical color print paired with a beautiful photograph by Gray Malin goes above and beyond.




Whether you're using wallpaper as the foundation for design or a small pop of color, we have something for every taste!