How to Choose Dining Room Wallpaper

How to Choose Dining Room Wallpaper

Consider The Dimensions of Your Room

Ensuring your dining room wallpaper project has the best results requires homework. Your research begins with us, Wallshoppe, who can offer you countless options of spectacular dining room wallpaper. Selecting the perfect wallpaper for your home's dining and entertaining space is easier with the myriad of colors, designs, and textures from Wallshoppe’s several distinctive and innovative designers

First off, you’ll want to consider the dimensions of your room,  including the table size and room configuration, other furniture (like a buffet, hutch, or sideboard), lighting, and of course, style. Whether you are decorating for a formal or casual dining area, the room size can help you make appropriate texture, print, and color decisions. Because dining rooms come in all different shapes and sizes, you’ll be looking at whether it’s a separate room, a part of a larger living space, or a multi-use room. You might prefer a more formal dining room, where elegant dinners are your forte. But if you’re into a more casual lifestyle (where decks of cards and board games come out after a meal), you’ll have different considerations of colors and design options, considering your decorating theme. No matter how you reflect your style, a visually appealing dining area should be welcoming, comfortable, and functional. Knowing the requirements for adding wallpaper to your dining room will help you choose a design you’ll be happy with for years.

Calculate the room's square footage when planning for your new dining room wallpaper. Using a measuring tape, measure the length, then width of the dining room, and multiply those two measurements. If a room is 10’ by 12’, the square footage will be 120 square feet. Of course, you must consider only what surfaces need wallpaper, so window and door dimensions can be deducted from your measurements. A professional paper hanger will be able to help you measure and order the correct amount of rolls for your project. Hiring a professional with great credentials will ensure a seamless installation with amazing results and advise you of the quantity of paper needed for the job, which can help you budget accordingly.

Expand Your Typical Style With Removable Wallpaper

The best wallpaper for a dining room might be different than you’ve ever thought possible. You might like changing decor frequently and don’t want a long-term commitment. Or maybe you’re a renter who would love to have more of an eclectic feel that you can’t accomplish with basic painted walls. Whatever your motivation, consider Removable Wallpaper. This new Peel and Stick variety offers flexibility and a gorgeous, high-end look. You’ll be amazed at this incredible invention that gives you a permanent feel without all the fuss of traditional pasted wallpaper.

Wallshoppe is excited to offer you removable wallpaper in various designs, colors, and patterns. Installation of Peel and Stick is incredibly easy and just about mistake-proof. Backed with self-adhesive material, it can be peeled off and repositioned until you get the right application to your walls. Of course, as with any wallpaper installation, your walls must be cleaned and prepped before you get started to get the best adhesion possible. And when you’re ready for a new look or are moving out of a rental, all you need to do is peel it off and be on your way. If any residue is left behind, a simple wash of soap and water will remove the remaining adhesive and leave your walls looking new.

Once you’ve decided that removable wallpaper is the best choice for your dining room decorating project, you’ll find an incredible selection of colors and styles by world-famous designers on “Something for everyone” is an understatement. Whether you want the entire room papered in a subtle, soothing print or an accent wall that pops with energy, wallpaper for dining rooms has taken on a new meaning with Peel and Stick. Ask about trying out some samples of removable wallpaper from Wallshoppe. Consider what patterns might coordinate with your existing paint colors, then narrow your selections to what works best. You might even decide to mix and match. You’ll be so delighted with your new dining space that you’ll become a favorite host for many get-togethers.