Sunroom Design Ideas: 15 Ways to Design the Perfect Sunroom

Sunroom Design Ideas: 15 Ways to Design the Perfect Sunroom

A sunroom is every homeowner’s dream. With its ample natural lighting and picturesque views, there is no better place to laze around on your days off. To furnish this versatile room, you have to bring your design skills and imagination to the fore. Here are some ideas to inspire you along the way:

15 Exciting Sunroom Ideas

1. Make It Multipurpose

Your sunroom can act as multiple rooms if designed accordingly. Arrange your seats to take the center space, and leave your corners for your reading nook, potting station, or working station. Alternatively, your solarium can serve as a dining area for your family and include a bench by the window for your cozy spot.

2. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are cool and exude serenity to contrast with the brilliance of sunshine. Pastel wallpaper colors such as lavender, baby blue, peach, and pink are impeccable choices that you can explore. Play around with bright floral throw pillows to give the room extra glam.

3. Accent Colors

While pastel colors balance the brightness of the solarium, accent colors help emphasize your theme and provide contrast. When using these colors, do it sparingly to create rhythm. A bright yellow accent chair, a flower vase, and an art object can provide just the right amount of pop in an all-white sunroom.

4. Include Tropical Influences

You can add a beachy feel to your sunroom with tropical influences. Vibrant seat cushions, floral wall art, tropical wall art, floral throw pillows, bamboo furniture, woven shades, and natural woods all bring out the tropical feel. Add sun-loving plants to your space to further emphasize this theme.

5. Leave Windows Bare

To make the most of your sunroom, keep the windows bare. This will not only allow sunlight to pour in but also give you a chance to view the natural world beyond. This way, you can catch up on your daydreams while bird-watching.

6. Indoor Plants

Sunrooms are excellent rooms for your greenery. You can leave a corner as a potting station for your plants. Alternatively, place your plants strategically to blend seamlessly with your furnishings. A group of ferns in a corner can create a focal point in your sunroom while a tall tree can give your space the pop it needs.

7. Plush Carpeting

Since your sunroom is all about relaxing, you'll want to emphasize comfort. Plush rugs are perfect for adding appearance and texture to the mix. These rugs are soft, elegant, and luxurious. Match your plush rug to your theme or get one in a bold print to create the right amount of contrast.

8. Natural Material Furnishings

Natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, jute, sisal, and rope all bring an earthy feel to your sunroom. They can pair well with luxurious furniture and modern accents. A rattan accent chair, for instance, pairs well with a casual sofa, a plush rug, and a statement coffee table. Woven rugs are also eye-catching for this style.

9. Leave a Spot for Sunset Gazing

As the sun goes down, it paints the sky with hues of red, blue, and purple that blend together to make a breathtaking view. You can capture this magical moment from a strategic spot in your sunroom, away from distractions. Get chic folding chairs and place them in the spot you chose. This spot can double as a stargazing point on starry nights.

10. Combine Luxe and Laid-Back Styles

While luxe or laid-back styles can work on their own, a mixture of the two gives a refreshing look. You can pull off this style by combining elegant sofas with casual accent chairs. You can also pair décor pieces from these two styles. For instance, you can combine glass vases with ceramic ones.

11. Have the Right Window Shades

For your cozy spot or reading nook, install the right window shades to prevent blinding glare from ruining your comfort. You can get window shades in different materials, including woven fabric, bamboo, and wood.

12. Mix Patterns and Materials

Have your four-season room stand out from the rest of your household design by mixing patterns and materials. You can have patterned rugs, seats, throw pillows, or wallpaper. Materials you may incorporate depend on the style you want to achieve. Hide rugs, rattan ottomans, chunky knit blankets, woven rugs, and linen pillows are all pieces that can add visual and textural variety to your space.

13. Midcentury Style

If you love this style, you can easily transform your solarium with linear furniture, a vintage coffee table, and rugs with geometric patterns. You can add a midcentury style desk and lamp to complement this look.

14. Neutral Sunroom

While combining two styles is intriguing, you can also go with a neutral style to achieve a tranquil atmosphere. For this to work, embrace neutral wallpaper and neutral-colored furnishings from the sofa to the rugs. Subtly striped furnishings can fit in with this style.

15. Style Using Repurposed Furniture

Flip a rattan basket to turn it into a side table, and place a potted plant on top of it. With a little DIY savvy, you can also transform wooden crates into a bookshelf for your reading corner.

The Perfect Design

The perfect design is that which fits your style. Whether you want it neutral or colorful, it is all up to you. You can make your sunroom stylish with contemporary seats, a variety of materials, good-looking wallpaper, a chic gallery, wall art, throw pillows, unique coffee tables, potted plants, or whatever tickles your fancy. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory for framed art and wallpapers.