Thoughtful and Imaginative Wallpaper by Sarah Jessica Parker & Designer Eric Hughes

Thoughtful and Imaginative Wallpaper by Sarah Jessica Parker & Designer Eric Hughes

In a recent article from ELLE Decor, Rachel Silva writes: 'It was history in the making—and nostalgia as it happened: In the long-awaited And Just Like That sequel, Carrie Bradshaw signs off episode eight with an image no viewer will forget: Our beloved heroine is perched on her open apartment windowsill, donning the iconic Versace Mille Feuille gown with a pan of Jiffy Pop popcorn. But this time, the backdrop is almost as memorable as the $80,000 dress: an expanse of oversize teal-carnation wallpaper.'

It's not lost on us what an enormous privilege it is to create such a vibrant and personal collection with the one & only Sarah Jessica Parker. 

Sarah Jessica Parker pictured with longtime friend and interior designer Eric Hughes

The Zoe Report described the new collection as an eclectic, playful, and feminine mix of patterns that’s both surprising and fun. The wallpaper designs range from playful plaids to refined florals to bold graphics― along with unexpected, sophisticated and timeless prints.

Sarah Jessica Parker discusses color story and patterns with designer Eric Hughes

We couldn't resist asking SJP tell you what the collection means to her, in her own words: "Eric and I are enormously proud of this collection and hope that others find it as delightful as we do," said Parker in a press release. "Many of the prints are sentimental or nostalgic to me, and I feel grateful that we got to explore such a wide range of patterns and colorways. These are wallpapers that live in my home and remind me of people and places that I love, and it's a wonderful feeling to now get to share them with the world.”


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