Top five creative holiday tips for dressing the perfect Christmas Tree!

Top five creative holiday tips for dressing the perfect Christmas Tree!

Decorating your Christmas Tree year after year can often turn into the same old same old. You have the same old decorations packed away up in the attic, the same old tinsel, snow flakes and color twinkle lights. But decorating your Christmas tree can become a truly festive creative occasion to embrace in the holiday season and tap into your hidden artistic soul. Here are our top 5 fun tips to make any Christmas Tree shine and the experience a whole lot more creative!

large real christmas tree smells of pine forest

1. Splurge and buy a real tree, even a tiny one will transform the smell of your living room into a beautiful pine forest and instantly channel the holiday vibe!

Hot pink flamingo christmas tree decorating ideas

2. Mix up your centerpiece topper with something funny and humorous! Try a large paper pom pom easily sourced from Papyrus in an array of colors! Or try a posie of feathers, or why not a pink flamingo!

Pastel themed christmas tree idea

3. Mix up your colors! Ditch the traditional red, white and green typical color theme and go for something totally different. Try a dark indigo blue and orange ribbons or a deep purple and navy.  Buy a White Christmas Tree instead and try shades of hot pink and shades of blush pink or even a soft gentle pastel theme such as a baby blue and soft baby pink to mix up your color holiday theme.

4. Get crafty and make your own paper origami santa and his helpers christmas decorations! We've also got some festive modern holiday themed wallpaper you could also use to make a statement wall for Christmas Dinner, check out our Medina Dot removable wallpaper in Persimmon / Rose for $58 or our Aloe / Mint Medina Dot removable wallpaper for $58.

christmas origami wallshoppe idea christmas decorations made out of wallpaper

5. Make your own candy cane Christmas ornaments just like Shae Pendleton did from Hello Homebody. How fun, it's easy all you need to do is grab some candy cane mints, place them into cookie cutter stainless steel shapes like you see below in the Christmas Star or Christmas tree shape. place in the oven and bake til melted, approximately 20 minutes on 350 degrees. Take out of the oven, make a small hole at the top of your decoration for the string to hang. Then place onto the kitchen bench and leave to cool and firm. Then finally place in the refrigerator overnight, and you're all set. 

candy cane christmas decorations make at home