Acrylic Art


      Modernize a room with beautiful acrylic wall art that makes a statement. Large acrylic wall art is printed on acrylic, standing out against a wall without the need for framing. This art comes ready to hang and may be the focal point of your décor. Combine it with one of our wallpapers or hang it on a painted wall.

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      Make the Room Pop

      Acrylic wall décor stands out 1 inch from the wall. In addition to adding artful design, this art also provides a bit of drama. It could highlight a gem or peony flower against a white background. A photograph of palm trees can bring the iconic California feeling to any room for the adventurous.

      Modern Meets Palm

      An oversized palm tree is a unique acrylic wall décor statement. White with a sorbet color, a palm tree design adds a lively statement to any room. Large acrylic wall art incorporates a bright and bold touch to a space; you may find your favorite palm in a 45-inch square design.

      Art With a Frame

      You might prefer framed wall art printed on canvas in addition to acrylic wall art. We have a large selection of exciting images that include animals like camels and bears, flowers, palm trees, and more. You can find white, black and natural color frames.

      Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

      Our mirror wall art combines art with a mirror. Choose your favorite animal from the whimsical elephant to the wise owl. With our mirror art, you can update your kid's room, hallway, den, playroom or bedroom.

      Browse our wonderful selection of acrylic wall art and mirror art to find the unique piece of art in the size you prefer. Add a splash of color or playfulness to a room with printed art that stands out. Large acrylic art makes a bold, fun statement. Contact us with your questions and for help in finding the right acrylic wall décor.