Barbie™ Pillows & Decor


      In her six decades as a style icon, Barbie™ has proven over and over again that accessories are everything. In that spirit, we present the Barbie™ x Wallshoppe Pillow Collection. With designs and patterns pulled directly from classic Barbie fashions and accessories, our pillows offer a touch of nostalgia while being right at home in the most contemporary of spaces. 

      Available in both square and rectangular shapes, these scene-stealing, linen and goose down pillows run the gamut from loud-and-proud Barbie™ logo and cameo pillows to more subtle Barbie-esque floral and grid designs. Perfect for mixing and matching...and the occasional low-stakes pillow fight with Ken.
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      Barbie™ is now partnering with Wallshoppe to bring her timeless brand of glamour and self-determination to home decor and more. The Barbie™ x Wallshoppe collection consists of wallpapers, pillows, home decor, accessories, fabrics by the yard and wall art featuring modernized twists on the brand’s original art. This includes dazzling hi-res pieces that have never been showcased in this way before.