Bathroom Wallpaper


      The best wallpaper for bathrooms lets the visitor relax, smile or enjoy their favorite sea animal friend. From whimsical to entertaining to soothing, bathroom wallpaper has many designs as well as many colors.

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      Nautical Fun 

      Add a bit of the sea with Sailor's Knots or Seashell in blue. Often, bathroom wall coverings speak of the sea and seashore. Hammerheads delight the eye when these sharks are on the wall instead of in the water. Jack the Crustacean comes in a sunny yellow as well as lobster red. George the Octopus floats across your walls in a charming illustration, while Sardines add French whimsy.


      Delightful Bathroom Whimsy

      Did we say fruits on the wall? Bathroom wall coverings may contain a touch of the whimsical, such as seen with the Fruit Punch, Island Fruits or Watermelon designs. Pop Dots add dimension to a trip to the bathroom, while Five Karat will give guests gems to enjoy.

      Light and alluring, the Matisse-inspired Sea Garden adds a playful touch. Big dots surprise and delight in the Mid-Century Dots by Clare V. In fact, polka dots are in, and a bathroom becomes fun and fanciful with dots on the wall.


      Get Away From It All

      You might like a more relaxing feeling and think that the best wallpaper for bathrooms is one that soothes. The soothing Bouvier's Botanical or Dainty Dot might be the right call. Traditional bathroom wallpaper may feature flowers, pebbles, small dots or a pattern such as Dot in a subtle color. Pebble in French Blue adds a traditional feel that's calm.


      Change the Wall and the Mood

      Bathroom wall coverings can easily change with the seasons or years when you choose removable peel and stick bathroom wallpaper. Your kids are grown, and you might be adding a garden tub and want the bathroom to reflect a relaxing garden setting. Add Orange Crush or Lemons and remove the past years' favorite. 


      Browse our unique selection of the best wallpapers for bathrooms and choose your favorite.