Green Wallpaper


      As a cool color, green inspires balance and harmony, renewal and restoration. Bring any room to life with our green wallpaper, which is simultaneously modern and calmingly reminiscent of nature’s beauty. The color green symbolizes the natural world and promotes tranquility and good health. Its calming effects are often used in design to soothe anxiety and stress. Our green designs bring many things to mind from urban vibrancy to a tropical oasis to your dream nursery. Your home is your canvas, so why not make it a tranquil, green paradise?

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      Explore Our Green Wallpaper Designs

      Many of our green wallpaper designs feature lush foliage, floral patterns and playful birds that will quickly turn your bathroom, bedroom or living space into a blossoming garden or exotic vacation. Whether you choose fronds or palm leaves, cornflowers or citrus fruits, parakeets or cranes, your home will be charmingly original.

      Create a customized space for your son or daughter with our fun green turtles, bears and bikes. Channel your whimsical side as you decide between watermelons or lions. Our timeless green wallpaper designs will grow with your child, transforming an area from a calming nursery to a captivating play space for friends.

      If you prefer simplicity, we have stripes, dots and clean patterns. Boldly modern? Check out our array of geometric designs that will bring a pop of childlike joy to your space. No matter your shade preference, we have it all from aloe, mint, aventurine, hunter green, emerald and more.


      Find the Best Green Wallpaper at Wallshoppe

      Choose one of our many green wallpapers to bring any room to completion. Whether it’s a feature wall or an entire room, it’s sure to be the design element everyone asks about.

      As always, our distinctive wallpapers are sustainably made to order in Los Angeles on nontoxic, eco-friendly paper. We have peel and stick green wallpaper for a quicker application or traditional green wallpaper designs for the purists who prefer rolls.