The California Edit

      Everyone wants to escape to California. The vast ocean, the sparkling beaches, the towering palm trees—it's all the essence of a yearlong summer. If you live in California, you know that it's well worth the trip. And if you don't, our California wall art allows you to bring a taste of the West Coast right into your own home. When you're snowed in during the middle of winter, you can look at your California art and imagine yourself sitting on a beach, drinking a martini and listening to the waves lapping against the shore.
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      Get Back to Nature With Floral Wall Art

      Flowers go with just about everything. They're simple yet iconic, subtle and eye-catching at the same time. Our floral wall art captures the essence of California with light, breezy designs that make you feel like you're relaxing in the sunshine. Got a dark room in your house with no natural lightning? Brighten it up with a taste of the West Coast. Looking to transform your basement? Renovate the room with California-inspired home décor. You won't have to miss the West Coast when you bring the West Coast right into your living space using California wall art.

      Enjoy California Vibes With Framed Wall Art

      Our selection of framed wall art includes art, photographs, prints and other pieces that make you feel like you're living the West Coast lifestyle. West Coast art is known for being bright, colorful and full of summer cheer. Some pieces make you want to hit the beach while others focus on California nightlife. Still others focus on the flowers, fruits and vegetables that make California so unique. If you've never been to the West Coast, these pieces will inspire you to take the trip already.

      What if You Already Live in California?

      If you already live in California, show some pride in your home state with our wide selection of pieces. Our artwork celebrates everything that makes California great: the sun, the sand, the flowers and the people. If you just moved here recently, our pieces will remind you why you came here. And if you've lived here your whole life, our California art pieces will remind you why you never want to leave.