Nathan Turner for Wallshoppe


Nathan Turner’s spirited, cheerful California vibe comes through in this collection of exclusive designs for Wallshoppe. 

Nathan Turner

Why do you like wallpaper as design tool?  
Wallpaper is such an easy way to add instant punch to a space. And with removable panels, it’s low effort, affordable and no commitment. Now’s the best time to take the plunge.

How are your patterns different from say a more traditional line of wallpaper?
My designs are bright, cheerful and fun. And I
took the guesswork out of it. We figured out the scale, the backgrounds, coordinating with other prints. Just pick what you like and roll with it.

Why should I wallpaper?  
Wallpaper should be fun, that daring moment. What is the point of wallpaper if it's subtle? Otherwise just paint.

Is there a unique way you use wallpaper?
Yes. The removable panels make it so easy to decorate on a whim. You can wallpaper for a season, a weekend. I’ve even put them up for a dinner party.

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