3 Reasons Why Removable Wallpaper is Perfect for Nurseries & Children’s Spaces

3 Reasons Why Removable Wallpaper is Perfect for Nurseries & Children’s Spaces

3 Reasons Why Removable Wallpaper is Perfect for Nurseries & Children’s Spaces

Wallpaper is one of the quickest ways to infuse color, pattern, and personality into a room. That’s especially true for a nursery, kid’s bedroom, or children’s playroom. While wall coverings have been historically a design detail used in grown-up spaces like dining rooms and living areas, there’s now wallpaper for the modern, style-minded parent and child.  

We partnered with L.A. company wallshøppe to create a new line of Tea Collection inspired removable wallpaper made especially for your little ones...making it ideal for nurseries, kids’ bedrooms, and playrooms. Removable wallpaper styles are perfect for rooms that need a quick style hit without a long-term commitment. 

You can easily add a beautiful backdrop to any child’s space, from demure to daring with over thirty styles of peel-and-stick wallpaper. There’s happy rainbows or soothing sea gardens for a nursery, cool camels and graphic lightning bolts for a bedroom, and flowy waves and punchy citrus grove prints for the playroom. 

Removable wallpaper is a smarter choice over paint and murals as these are truly transitional spaces. Babies become kids, kids go from toddler to teen in the blink of an eye and playrooms morph into dens, home offices, or spare bedrooms. Having the freedom to infuse almost instant style that can be changed or removed quickly can save you time, money, and headaches. 

Here, we detail the reasons we love removable wallpaper for the nursery, kid’s room and playspace. Let us count the ways. 

It’s Flexible

While traditional wallpaper involves a more labor-intensive process, Tea Collection Inspired removable wallpaper is backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, ready for an easy peel-and-stick application. The back has a low tack adhesive that creates a temporary bond with the wall surface. Each panel is easily removed by peeling back from a corner easily. This no-muss, no-fuss option gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to decorating the nursery, kid’s bedroom, or playroom. 

Baby Steps: The wide range of colors and gender-neutral patterns make planning a nursery design easy. Whether you know who’s coming or want to keep it a surprise, you can create a cozy, colorful home for your new bundle. With no paste to deal with, wallpapering a wall or entire room takes less time than painting. There are designs that speak to your own style—from traditional to modern, eclectic to sentimental. Nursery style is only limited by your imagination.

Go As They Grow: As much as parents wish they would stop it at times, kids grow. It seems like mere moments between crawling and walking, cooing and talking. And before you know it, they have opinions about everything they play with, eat, and see. That definitely includes their bedroom. Removable wallpaper is the perfect companion as kids evolve their personal style. They can swap out cuddly bears for fun tigers, Or transition from cheerful rainbows to more sophisticated sun tiles. A quick update to a kid’s bedroom happens with the ease of a peel and stick. 

Play For a Day, Month: A children’s playroom should be a place of fun, color, light, and joy. Removable wallpaper sets the scene for endless play and long-lasting creativity and inspiration. With peel-and-stick wallpaper designs, you can transport a designated room space into a sunny citrus grove, a seaside oasis, a wild jungle, an Olympic stadium and more. And change it up as often you or your child likes. Party Favor: For an instant birthday or play-date decor, peel-and-stick wallpaper is a quick and easy option. Put it up in the morning and take it down in the evening.  You can do a panel or two, a statement wall, or an entire room. Let the styles inspire a party theme or inspire fun and games. 

Impactful Accent: Removable wallpaper panels can also be used to accent an array of smaller spaces. We love them as drawer liners, bookshelf panels, or on ceilings. 

It’s Fun

If you’re looking to create instant style, there’s no better or easier way than with removable wallpaper. And with so many patterns and colors, Tea Collection inspired wallpaper has looks both parent and kid will love. It is wallpaper designs inspired by and for children. 

For Nursery Wallpaper … Babies will sleep soundly surrounded by dreamy, happy prints like Aegean Waves, Menagerie, Chubby Bear, Trailing Turtles, and more. 

For Kid’s Bedroom Wallpaper... Little ones will thrive in a space that speaks to what they love. Bicycles and Olympians for sporty tots, Lions, Tigers, Hammerheads and Camels for animal lovers, and lots of florals and pastels for those that want to live in a fairytale. 

For Kid’s Playrooms… Common spaces like play spaces need to delight both kids and friends alike. Graphic moments like Sundials and Island Fruits are always welcoming. 

It’s Easy and Safe

Tea Collection Inspired Wallpaper is more than cool design for the modern child. The removable peel-and-stick panels are one of the quickest, easiest, and accessible decor options available.  

Easy Does It: With no special adhesive to put up or take down, installing peel-and-stick wallpaper panels could not be easier to use. Remove panels with ease by peeling back from a corner slowly. No mess. No-fuss. 

Damage Control: You can install and remove our removable wallpaper designs without harming any wall in your nursery, kid’s bedroom, or playroom. 

Clean-Up: Removable wallpaper can be wiped down using a water-dampened microfiber cloth.

Safe For All: Keeping your home and especially kid’s room space is paramount. All removable wallpaper designs use an odorless latex ink that is non-toxic.