8 Ideas To Transform Your Baby’s Nursery Into a New Toddlers’ Room

8 Ideas To Transform Your Baby’s Nursery Into a New Toddlers’ Room

8 Ideas To Transform Your Baby’s Nursery Into a New Toddlers’ Room

We can help you remodel your baby’s nursery into a toddler’s wonderland. As your little one grows, his or her style choices may not mirror yours when you were first decorating the nursery. Your white on white obsession just may not be to your little one’s taste. So it’s fun to let your little man or little woman dig deep and explore their own sense of interior design style when it comes to making their bedroom feel like their very own.

Try animal print wallpaper. 

Animal print wallpaper remains the go-to choice for decorating your toddler’s bedroom. Now there are so many cool colors and animal prints big and small to choose from. Not only are animals playful and interesting, your toddler can also learn all about the magical Animal kingdom. Check out our very own Elephant Wallpaper inspired by an etching from the New York Public library:

Create a reading nook or hiding space.

Anyone that has a toddler knows first hand how creative their imagination is! They love to play and hear stories. Try creating a collapsable tent for them to play in, or add a comfy couch for you both to enjoy reading a book together.

New bed sheets, quilt covers, and decorations. 

Taking your little one shopping to pick out his/her new bed linens is a great place to start to help them set the color theme. Your toddler will feel so special picking out their very own bed sheets, duvet covers, and decorative graphic wallpaper.

Make art together and frame it. 

Painting with your little one is super fun and inspiring. Why not making some beautiful butterfly fold-overs or create some free spirited squish artwork together.

Namesake decorations. 

Allowing your little toddler to become familiar with their name is rewarding for their development. You don't have to over-do it, but having their name embroidered on a pillow, or in bold wooden letters, or stamped on fabric flags that you can hang from the ceiling are such fun ways to celebrate your toddler’s name and identity.

Add a height ruler. 

No toddler’s room in complete without a ruler to measure how your kiddo grows over the years. There are so many cool and interesting ways you can measure and track your child’s height over the years. There are many height rulers that come in decals and posters too that are available online. This one is our favorite.

height ruler to measure your child as they grow

Bunk beds are fun. 

As your toddler grows chances are that they’re going to have friends over for sleepovers all the time. Replace their single crib with a fun climbing tower and have an extra bed for friends when they come to stay. Bunk beds can also double as a great storage space too, so you can store extra toy boxes, books and clothes.

bunk beds ideas

Swap out your baby mobile for a cool light fixture or ceiling mural. 

Hanging toddler mobiles or hand crafted light fixtures are a perfect way to ignite your little one's imagination when falling to sleep or waking up to the world. There’s no better relaxation technique then letting your little one fall asleep to airplanes or daisies as they gently swirl around. There are so many cool toddler mobiles to choose from. Check out some beautiful handcrafted mobiles available on Etsy from Scandinavia. You’ll be amazed!