Fun Wallpaper Ideas for Children

Looking for fun ways to decorate your kid's bedroom?

When you're a kid, there's nothing better than your imagination. It can take you anywhere! At Wallshoppe, we have tons of great wallpaper for kid's rooms that will inspire them as they're developing. Children need to growing in a space that feels special, and that's exactly what they'll feel with our great kid's room wallpaper designs
From playful octopus wallpaper, to cute dog wallpaper, we have something for every kid's taste.
Even though hanging wallpaper can inspire your kids to no end, removable wallpaper can be used in a myriad of creative ways in their room for endless fun. 
Are there bookcases in your kid's room? Our peel and stick removable wallpaper panels can be cut to size and hung in the back of bookshelves. 
One of our favorite uses on wallpaper is on closet doors. Check out this inspiring design from Martha Stewart!
We can't help but love the use of removable wallpaper in kid's rooms where there are nooks. Kids love playing in nooks, and adding wallpaper to those spaces is a great way to give the room a dynamic feel. It's like having a whole separate room inside of a room!
With our collection of removable wallpaper for kids, you'll find plenty of great options for your little one. Animal wallpaper, geometric designs, and lots of striped wallpaper will keep your kid inspired for years to come. And if they outgrow the style? It's easy to removable our peel and stick wallpaper, so they can choose a new design when it's time!