Give Your Home a Quick Facelift

Give Your Home a Quick Facelift

It’s officially spring, which means it’s spring-cleaning season. Spring is a great time to dust corners you don’t usually reach and throw away hole-y socks. It’s also the perfect time to spruce up your space with a facelift. You don’t have to completely redecorate to make your home feel fresh and new. Check out these 5 easy tips for giving your home the spring refresh it deserves.

1. Color code your books

There’s a reason this design hack is popular—because it’s so fun! Spring cleaning will already have you moving books around to clean. Why not order your novels, art books, and guide books by the colors of the rainbow?


2. Get some new throw pillows

Getting tired of looking at the same living room furniture but can’t afford that $3,000 dream couch? If you don’t already have throw pillows, add some to your couch. Or, swap out the tired old ones. A new color or pattern will change your perspective.

3. Add light

You can’t make your windows larger or turn a wall into french doors, but you can easily brighten your home with mirrors. Try turning a full length mirror on its side and hanging it at eye level. Or create a salon wall of mirrors in different shapes.

4. Green it up

Getting some plants will bring in some new life and keep the air in your home clean. If you don't have a lot of floorspace, get some standing shelves or install hooks for hanging plants on the ceiling.

5. Just add wallpaper

With our easy peel and stick removable wallpaper and traditional wallpaper rolls, you can add new life to your home. Wallpaper all the walls in a room or create a statement wall by just papering one. Check out our collection of floral removable wallpaper panels for spring. If you opt for removable wallpaper panels, it'll be easy to switch the style in a few months.